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Heart palpitations and goosebumps rippling down the spine…
A crystal clear reality like a lucid DREAM.

A vision so much LARGER THAN LIFE! OMG!

Is it intuition or just imagination? Anyone playin’ tricks?
“Nah, too good to be true..” you say & within seconds the craziest signs smash you in the face!

And there’s the daydream again… deep fulfillment, toe-curling pleasure, fuzzy joy… hmmm…..  Overwhelm and exhilaration at the same time…. this drive races like wild fire… An inexplicable YEARNING keeps throbbing. Begging to break free.

Where’s this coming from??


You ain’t crazy nor losing it, either.

It’s your SOUL makin’ the point.
Your “DREAM LIFE” is a divine contract.

Lean over girlfriend! I’ve got a secret for ya… Actually 2!

1st, you GOTTA KNOW:

Your Soul LOOOOVES pleasure and freedom ‘n ALL THINGS rebellious!
Just like a playful child. Pure ‘n lit up!

You’ve run the lesson-errands.
You’ve had the  pain, drama and ya know, the frustration on feeling “stuck” in the golden cage, so you’re in the perfect place! Done and dusted!
It’s time to rise.

Ok, 2nd:

Like a panther’s primal instinct – that’s your intuition:
she’ll always naturally flip around and land on her paws.
Your innate gift!!

The VOID is meant to unravel your soul purpose.
As much as you feel the <<<<O-M-F-GAWD-tremble>>>…. yes…
You’re ready to jump. And it’s actually important you DO!


BTW, I’m Lisy. or Lisy Butterfly (as most like to call me).

I once stood in a pretty dark space! So trust, I FEEL DEEPLY!
I still remember the day I walked into the hospital, about to have an abortion and all I’d hear was this baby voice soothing me and telling me it’s ok. What a wake up call! And call in what REALLY mattered and meet my SOUL halfway on the bridge of destiny.

Ok before you dump me on your “crazy mad-woman list” : It made NO SENSE to me at the time. To be honest…. all I craved was to break free from a toxic relationship and find my dance-mojo back!

If you told my younger self I’d be free-falling into a world trip on a shoestring [ I mean the “£500 in my account on departure” – kinda ] -budget, build my online-biz from scratch and return home like MFin QUEEN on a 1st class seat only a year or so later…  I’d probably think YOU’re the crazy mad-woman….

I went right down the abyss of depression, heart break, deep darkness.
It carved the courage I never believed I had and it all came so much better than I expected….

You probably heard this gazillions of time: If I did it, PFFF! – SO – CAN – YOU! –
Before you dump the flag on your dreams, let me tell you this:

When you talk to your inner Goddess like to your Bestie, she FINALLY delivers all the goodies to your doorstep AND more…
meanwhile you chill, you also DO THE MEANINGFUL SHIZ you were always meant to!

It’s simple: TURN ON!
Yessss… I mean the sexy-style turn-on, your inner Goddess/Soul’s FAVOURITE hotline…

Dirty jokes aside: your pleasure is the perfect extension of life force energy!
Your SEXUAL ENERGY is actually the key to co-creating life with the universe!
Think Sacral and Root chakra…. Kundalini and such…

(oh and don’t worry… you don’t need a lover for that.
WARNING: you might have a bunch of soulmate lovers lining up though, as BONUS delivery… hope you’re ready to have your mind and yoni blown into magic) 😉

I happen to have a really fun and easy-to-apply course that catapults you into FLOW and ALIGNMENT in less than 7 days!
ALL THE THINGS you deserve and love!

It’s probably worth a bunch o’ hundreds, but you can still get in for FREE!

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OH YES – I’m ready to pounce, Lisy! Sign me up!

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A little more about me…

Not long ago, I was in your shoes.
I knew that BIGGER CALLING was pounding.

Yet, I kept dreaming it into the future.
One day…
Some day…
Do whatever the heck I wanna do! hmmm…


But THEN life decided to put me on the path.
I got pregnant!

The truth:
I was devastated.
I’d been yearning to end this toxic relationship for both of us.
Codependency’s vicious cycles numbed me out.
Depression had been settling in for years.
Thoughts of suicide. Powerlessness.

I was a wreck, a walking dead, a ghost.
Lifelessly stumbling along the edge,
my dancer dreams had crashed.
I’d been seeking love & validation in all the wrong places.

Why me?
Why now?
divine intervention had jolted me out of my comfort zone

It felt like the end of the world. Darkness. A hollow wound in my heart.
Toxic patterns. Fights. So much pain.
I felt like a burden.
Life was happening to me rather than for me.
I had settled into that new kind of comfort.

Despair. Sadness. Guilt. Shame. The victim mindset.

The baby’s voice started to emerge in my meditations.
He was not here to stay. All he wanted was love, for me to feel love.

Huge release.
More Tears.
How could this baby in my womb, so tiny, be sending so much love my way?

And then, a new voice pounded in my being:
She was wild.
She was bold.
She didn’t want to mess about any longer.
She was angry!
Frustrated… Furiously on FIRE…

It was TIME to take decisions back in hand.
Grow into my own mother first.
Be discerning.
The Rite of Passage came:
I opted for the Abortion.
Despite the trust: so much fear. Doubts. What ifs.

I’ll be ok. We’ll be ok. I trust.

Then, the Break up 2 months later.

I started to say FUCK NO.

That next year looked like a massive battle field of NOs and Fuck Offs.
I was purging. My womb was bleeding.

Clearing some more. Releasing. Unravelling. Healing. Crying.
Forgiving. Reconnecting.

Gently, life started to come back.
A breeze of fresh air.

It started to get easier to just be real. Just be me.
The fears stopped paralysing me.
They were there, but THIS time they excited me!

Where? Who? What? Why?

I decided to say HEAVEN YES to life.

I desired to dare like never before.
To breathe fully.
To travel.
To dance my heart out.

Sing to my womb.
Make love to the universe.
I enjoyed my own company now.
I started to fall in love with myself again.

Soon new soulmate calibre partners appeared.
Profound spiritual, emotional, sensual and sexual moments.

My job took off. I started to make much more cash.
So, I invested in myself.

Luscious Wellness.
Sacred Goddess Days.

Jet-setting across the map!
2-3 days…
1 week…
a couple of weeks…

Before I knew it, I was gone with the wind on every day off…

And then, I packed my 8 years of London-Life into storage.
I quit my dance teacher job on a peak.

OH YES! Hello growth-friend!
But the world was humming.
My soul was calling.





TRUST came.
I jumped.

INTUITION kicked in.
My new business venture birthed out of the ethers.
Like a Venus rising.

I was to fly and soar.
I was to activate other souls like you.
I was to dare wilder and fiercer like never before.



£500 in my account?
No savings?
No plan B?
All bridges burnt?
No return ticket?


A pounding heart.
A load of trust, love and joy.
A vision.
A mission.
1 love-red suitcase.
1 backpack & off I was: right into the unknown!

(you can play “Eye of the Tiger here”….)

As if the the cosmic waters split.
Right in front of my own eyes: it started happening.
Serious magic just manifesting out of the blue.

A conspiracy with the universe?
Did I crack some secret code?
Call me wild! Sure, sure!

6 months later:
$15K’s worth of gifts, free accommodation, food.
Countless deep connections and friendships.
Over 16 love encounters .
4 beautiful soulmates, who I’ll cherish forever.
Lessons, growth, magic, miracles….
My business takes off and I get to sustain myself.

You say: that’s RAD… haha!
Let me tell you:
Quantum Leaps become flippin’ REAL!

My soul already knew!
I just needed to get out of my own way.

Goddesses started to meet me with bleeding hearts.
Leaving with ignited wombs of fire.

Warriors would arrive with hurting wounds.
Walking on with wild loving gazes, fierce, powerful.

My work revealed my catalysing essence.
I turned into a midwife to the soul.
Leaving trails of magic dust wherever I would step.
Undeniable transformation spaces.
Pain releasing. Love emerging.
More Fears dissolving. More Dreams happening.

Echoes eagerly following my path:
Lisy, you changed my life!
I am reborn.
What happened?

Yes my love, welcome home!
Your power was in you all along.
You just had to remember, remember to listen.
Remember to trust.
Learn how to love again.
How to open the heart wider.

Go fly.

I’m a butterfly.
I’m a panther.
I’m a wolf.
A gipsy.
A dancer.
A creator.
I am love.
I am joy.
I am courage.

And I’m still searching!
There’s so much more!!
This journey keeps woo-ing my heart!

I’m howling from the top of this mountain!
I know there’s many of you out there!
I hear you. I see you.


I want to know YOU!

Roar, howl, gnarl at me!

What are you passionate about?

What rocks your world?


Come find me!


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Lisy xo