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Women hire me to exceed their WILDEST Dreams through Feminine Magnetism &

I give women a map to begin mastering the positioning of their energy in a way that not only blasts the doors to their dreams open, but also brings their body the cellular memory level experience that has led them there. This enables a woman to manifest what she desires over and over; to dismantle sabotage, procrastination and emotional collapse before it occurs and to keep attracting better outcomes with less effort and more fulfillment.

When a woman deepens the relationship with her sacred feminine essence, she becomes magnetic to divine cosmic and her soul’s highest purpose.

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This heart-to-heart journey with Lisy awakens your natural feminine superpowers!

When a woman leans back into her SOUL’s JOY, she becomes a powerful magnet for her dreams.

My typical clients keep exceeding the expectations of their wildest dreams even long after our Mentorship! 

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I can’t wait to see what amazing results & win-win situations your inner empowered energies can create for YOU!



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There’s a paradigm where 200% success, freedom and love are more than possible. It’s an evident consequence of your energetic radiance. It’s based on the cosmic principles of nature: to continuously create, expand and elevate!

The UNIVERSE / SPIRIT / GODDESS is listening right now and tirelessly clicking “order” & “check out” on the wholeness that you’re emitting through your energy!