So there’s an enormity about life that goes beyond anything we can grasp.
It could just fly by on a random day and would go totally unnoticed!
Just like that!
Woosh, gone, nobody touched it, heard it, saw it.

This actually happens all the time.
Most of the time, truly.

And then there’s moments when the tiniest shift ripples and shakes through our bodies and sets us wildly alight to how ENORMOUS it actually is to just breathe!

To see the sunlight.
To smell the rain on a hot day.
To feel the chills of a spring breeze.
To hear the trickling sound of a brook.

All these things happen all the time, too.
Most of the time, truly.

The way about living by going through the motions.
Or the way about feeling wildly awake as a leopard softly hunting in the jungle.

Alertness sets us free.
And then there’s choice.
Consciousness leads the way.
And then there’s subtle sensations surrendering deeper.

There’s a way about the Goddess that will crush it all so she can savor the sweetest nectar of the hearts. She knows when the peaches are ripe to burst open.

There’s a way about allowing the Goddess to unravel you.
You always know this has happened, is happening or is about to.

You know when the time comes.
There’s no running back. Only one door left.

You’re breaking wide open to her cosmic love.

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