What the Freedom Convoy 2022 is teaching us about Money

I checked my emails this morning and saw that GoFundMe is reverting all payments back to its donors.

A campaign that held more than 9 Million $ donations vanished just like that?

I actually don’t want to start a conversation about whether to agree with this or not. Something else fascinates me deeply here: the energetics behind the movement of money and the attraction of big wealth.

What also deeply shook me throughout the journey since this movement got initiated in January was the compounding effect of both the attention and transactions attained. In the first few days just over 1000 $, which exponentially raised to 2 Million in just under 2 weeks from close to a hundred thousand donors. And not even 4 weeks later it climaxed at 9 Million.

What happened here exactly? What was the actual “energetic supply chain” that led this phenomenon in and why is it even relevant? What can alchemical mystics like us learn from this?

How does divine orchestration fit in here and what is the ultimate outcome of big sums of money?

What is wealth?

What is money?

I’ve recently bumped into the “Abundance Book – A 40-day Plan” by John Randolph Price. Mr Price says it all in far more elegant ways than I could possibly rephrase it, but the main wisdom I’ve pulled out of it so far is that we have two very separate experiences of wealth that lead the manifestation of money.

One is based in the focus on material wealth ( which he defines as “out-picturing”, creating an image of divine wealth in the 3D realm) and measuring wealth outside of you in objects such as money, assets etc. Directing our attention in this way actually pulls power away from us, because money is not the true “supply” of power or wealth. When fixating on money as our source of wealth, we repel the true experience of wealth.

The other invites us into the awareness that money is an extension of source’s wealth (God’s Abundance, Divine overflowing supply) and that you cannot possibly detach yourself from source’s wealth and creation even if you tried. Divine Wealth begins within (in your “individual consciousness”), by acknowledging yourself as a part of the whole (“collective and cosmic consciousness). You’re a “cell” in the body of all creation and are made of the same energy tapestry. This way of focusing on divine wealth being a natural part of you, actually brings peace and wellbeing, and from this state of being, a more expanded experience of wealth is born, including money flowing towards you more effortlessly.

The book deepens on this topic much more and, as mentioned, paints the picture a lot better than my few words here. I recommend you take a look at it if the subject of money manifestation pulls you.

So when you look at the Freedom Convoy campaign through the first lense you might believe that the money exponentially rising is what drew people to look at it and that this attention generated more money as a direct outcome. And all the while that is true and it holds value – especially looking at the speed of the rising numbers, there was also a very different synergy; which I pondered in my attempts to see beyond the illusion of money dripping faster into that funding bucket

The power of intention

So just look past the “money” for a second and hold the thought of money just being the illusion veiling over the energetic undercurrent, you’ll quickly notice a whole new layer of truth.

This specific money here holds a very different energy and meaning than the money you quickly slide over the counter to add a pack of chewing gum as you settle your bill for petrol at the gas station.

What created a huge momentum in my opinion – is the intention! This changes the very nature of the transaction from a casual “expense” to an INVESTMENT with intention. These intentional transactions lean into a magnetism of high impact and influence and also align into money as a frequency (not an object).

Here’s where it gets interesting: we not only have one single person performing this transaction with purpose and clear intention – the very fact that one “individualized consciousness” meets in the “collective consciousness” and leads into a whole now expanded “Cosmic Consciousness” must match up with the desire of creation (universal expansion).

This pure and deliberate creation, accumulated in the hundreds of thousands of YES’es coming straight from the participants’ heart generates a pulsation in the cosmic fabric. The explosive effect was triggered by one single individual consciousness – one of each at a time – and met in the collective consciousness fabric of all those who are intertwined through same framework.

Money was simply a means to “meet” on this standard that they desire to take a stand for. For sure, further impact came as a result in the 3D: thousands of trucks heading into Ottawa, the world watching and setting a ripple effect of other freedom convoys globally. Within this doing millions of people who take a stand for this movement and support are actually a powerful testimony of divine agreement to this creation.

All transactions, whether conscious or unconscious symbolize an agreement. Most transactions on the planet happen in an unconscious fashion, and money just flows. Look at the stock market, numbers pitch up or drop all the time. Money is actually meaningless, it holds no true value in itself. We simply agreed that for 5 EUR you can get a commodity like coffee and cake, or a phone top-up, or anything else that holds value within the agreed boundary zone.

Expanded Time / Compressed Time / Quantum Leaps

What is even more fascinating to me, is that the very moment of the transaction is absolutely short-lived in comparison to the experience after the button’s been pressed, or even the amount of time it has taken to earn those 5 EUR.

So you could say that in the very moment of the transaction, time gets compressed. You trade your past time by compressing it in into nanoseconds (in that present moment) and call forth a new life experience in the future (from the now). You create your future, you sculpt the experience with a simple agreement, a YES to this experience.

What was crucially different in this campaign, which only added more into the magnetism, momentum and ultimate power of creation was that people didn’t just accept the transaction passively: there was a summoning of divine attributes linked with high potency.

These transactions were in direct connection to what they stand for, their values, their conviction.

This kind of “money” had a strong currency of meaning: freedom, freedom of choice, a political, medical, social and moral positioning which all herald a specific divine codex of acknowledging and honouring our sacred creator within; who not only knows she or he CAN create a different future, but actually STEPS FORWARD into this creator essence to trigger a response in the quantum. This transaction for a cause far out-passes doing something for a pure exchange of goods – there’s a synergy that was deeply woven into multiple transactions colliding alongside one another at hyperspeed that set a cascade of solidarity, recognition, union and love bonding free like none alike.

A glitch in the matrix?

The project flamed up like a wild fire because there was already a huge receptivity match in the collective. Thousands of intentional transactions add up and create a quantum leap for and as divine creation.

Did we want this or was it always meant to be this way? Who knows. I’ll let you complete this.

Some may not agree with this and others will absolutely love it:

All “money” is an extension of God and the intelligence of Abundance, however the mistake we make is to attribute power to the object instead of the source. The power is not in the object “money”. The power is inside each of the individuals who connect with their money and use it as a means to agree and extend their support to what is right in their heart: YES – I’m in, YES, you can count on me, YES, I feel this and I want this.

Money serves a temporary purpose of exchange condensed and limited to a few seconds for a long-lasting effect & result that ultimately shape our experience of life. In this case here, the result is written as history for our lives and for the generations to come.

I would also go as far to say that the initiator was not in each individual human saying “YES” only, but triggered by a collective and cosmic desire held in the expansive force-field of all creation. If there were no individual consciousness’es already matching this frequency, it would have flopped.

But it didn’t flop.

Or did it?

After all the donations are being redistributed, so “technically” the campaign didn’t work right?

Well, that’s the exact point why I felt inspired to write this entry today. And if you’re still reading, thank you for being here!

Our mind eagerly wants to attach to the “money” and where it should or shouldn’t go. But our focus is duped whenever we look to the material supply.

Even if the money is being restored to thousands and hundreds of thousands accounts now, THE POINT WAS MADE!

Regardless of what happens to this money – this is divine orchstration at it’s finest – playing strategically well and teaching us a lesson in each and every move.

Where’s the power?

The power isn’t in the 9 Million Dollars that were funded or re-funded. The “money” being returned is not an issue. It will flow elsewhere and generate a new momentum. The most important ripple effect has been set in motion in the individuated power and creator essence of each participant. The collective is now linked. The groups have been created. Thousands of Canadians celebrated the passage of the truckers. Those in the back of the room suddenly got the courage to stand up. The whole world was watching. New movements of truckers are already on the move. The awakening has occurred.

And it’s so interesting that everyone now seems to watch where or why this money will go where it will go, which is a beautiful distraction to very essence of power beyond the money that got generated:

The hundreds of thousands of sovereign YES’es who invested with intentionality and purpose while the whole world was watching.

Money invested with divine attributes, bringing heart desires online and deliberately seeing and witnessing ourselves as the creators of this New Earth Collective. They can return the money, but the experience yielded cannot be refunded. The power isn’t in this money. The power is in the energetic clarity and brilliance that has led this money to where it wants to go – our supply isn’t money. Our supply is our divine contract with creator.

We know who we are.
We know there’s hundreds of thousands and millions of us.

Expenditures create debt and ultimately leak power and life force energy.

Divine investments generate futures of wealth for generations to come.

Divine investments not only generate more revenue for all, they cause un-erasable loops of experience that will far outlive the volatile little second we clicked “send”.

Divine supply always returns multiple-fold.

I love this phrase and I feel it’s suitable as a closing: when there’s more, there’s always so much more.

Thank you for reading.

Much love,

Lisy Butterfly

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