About Lisy

A personal note from my heart to yours:

Hey gorgeous,

so lovely to receive you here!

I’m Lisy and if you don’t find me sipping matcha latte somewhere quiet, I mostly love boarding planes to get me somewhere tropical or sunny – or both!
Born of Portuguese ancestry, I’ve turned into a multi-passionate world-travelling creative, crafting a life where I can prioritize peace, joy and love over stress, overwhelm and force.

Like for most of us, my life unravelled many obstacles and u-turns where I had to figure out the impossible, all the while continuing to run in the direction of my dreams. Despite friendly “safety” instructions and social norms pointing in the other direction, I understand what challenges can arise when we are living in a 3rd dimensional hologram, yet fully conscious of being so much more than this physical body going about this material world.

In 2017, around one year following an abortion and a rather painful break-up, and simultaneously witnessing a peak in my dance teaching career: The calling had become too loud and clear by now.

So I listened and left my facebook-proof London life behind, packed my bright red 20 kg suitcase and set off to travel the world. On a true “shoestring-budget” of just over 700 EUR in my account… and a one way ticket to Hawaii to my possession! I embarked on what was to become my lifetime’s adventure, despite the fear churning in my bones (and my loved ones taking a top suspension breath).

(A little audacious, or…?)

Around 10 months later I returned home with a heart bursting with love and 3 densely scribbled heavily worn out journals dripping with stories risks taken, saucy love, a handful of socially disproved deeds and new soulmate friendships.

This journey, I confess, was highly miraculous to blow minds and little did I know that I had unexpectedly opened a magic portal:

the roadmap to my goddess power.

This series of rites of passage, flipped my life upside down: I had unleashed a wild coming home to myself – and to my utter surprise those women I shared life with from here got initiated into their full blooming expression and leaping skills before it looked safe enough to do so.

My business failed at first…

Energetic mastery took another full spin when my online business collapsed under my mental distress and overload – finally leading me to fold my cards for a bit, to enter a full time job to secure my income and ongoing education.

This chapter of pause was actually not a failure, but a blessing in disguise. In hindsight, I can see that it had nothing to do with structure, strategy or know-how at all. My biggest missing link was holding the power in my energetic coherence while this creation was purifying me as a human, so I could show up with more value and embodiment to serve from authenticity and truth.

I went deep into studies, received premium mentoring and rumbled in my lost artist caves for a few years and sourced wisdom in the subtle currents of magnetism, intuition, pure creation and alchemy.

My expertise lies in offering women into the safe hands of their complete liberation and devotion to their soul purpose. I teach from what I know to be true, what I met in my own embodiment practises to resolve emotional overwhelm and catalyse energetic alignment and spiritual transformation. The results we create in my containers naturally open the taps to creativity, soul, genius, mastering dark nights and holding the poise and power through the unknown. There’s a cosmic mother vibe and creatrix blessing continuing to weave wisdom paths for me, for the women in my field and for those seeking the gold on their way home. Many women now seek my advice for business and branding consulting, because they desire to build a legacy that is in coherence with who they are in their unique brilliance and essence, too.

Some more quirky facts about me:

  • I LOVE meditations by Joe Dispenza and I often play binaural beats for healing during my sleep.
  • My favourite animals are felines – got a heart-pumping love for Bengal cats.
  • I speak 6 languages fluently to mother-tongue level.
  • Dance is my personal tool of liberation – both for therapeutic and manifestation purposes.
  • I’m a HUGE fan of essential oils. I personally find doTERRA legit and absolutely adore the scents as well as the powerful therapeutic benefits.

May you find inspiration, joy and little moments of magic here

I believe that we can thrive and excel in many areas, as women. We simply have that natural juju that leads the way. Even though our lives might not always look the way we expect, once we finally surrender to what spirit truly has in store for us, our greatest masterpiece becomes tangible, fulfilling and deeply sustainable as we go.

I take a powerful stand for women’s liberation and leadership. I believe with my whole heart that the one leading the journey home on our planet is “woman”. First she’ll do it for herself, then she’ll inspire communities and families around her. From there, it’s a natural result that all of humanity’s soul gifts get unveiled and rise into higher love.

Our zone of genius is right there, patiently waiting to be unleashed.

May you be blessed beyond bliss and keep flying with lightness, grace and miracles bedazzling your wings!

Let’s fly!

So much love,
Lisy Butterfly xo

Lisy Butterfly is a transformational coach specialised in energetic alchemy, embodiment arts, feminine leadership, spiritual mentoring and brand and business consulting.

Her expertise is to unleash full liberation in women seeking to soar into their unique soul brilliance, creative genius, and natural magnetism.

Lisy’s background in the performing arts, choreography and pedagogy inspired her to develop unique somatic and embodiment signature systems such as DanceMetamorphosis™and DanceManifestation™ that help women rise above trauma, emotional turmoil and toxic dynamics in their career and personal life.

She has mentored and accompanied students and clients launching their heart centred businesses, achieve consistent $5-10k months and go to their next level of success, love and wealth with passion, joy and ease.

Her digital courses and events take you into a journey of deep transformation that opens up your feminine receptivity for success, prosperity, love and divine connection.

Lisy’s clients love her joyful nature, her cut-the-BS truth-telling and her powerful containers that give every woman the permission to effortlessly soar into her dream life with poise, confidence and deep trust in her soul purpose. 🦋✨

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