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I followed a traditional dance pathway from the conservatory, to professional dance school, to dance teacher training into a multi-styled dancer life in London!

A few exciting months in London down, I rather swiftly poured my skill sets into teaching. I attended a few auditions as a pro newbie, I performed at some low-paid shows, and followed lots of latin dance classes and events, yet for a long time no real pay from dance was in sight.

Financially, it was so hard: in a city where the cost of living is so high the ends of the months turned excruciating. I would rather go and work the extra hours in the shop to get the cash rather than attending auditions or mind me paying out the 20 for the odd training class and having to count the pennies to pay the rent. I had a serious money issue, and with teaching and finding myself more and more classes, this seemed like a safer solution for the long run.

I admit, this decision did not make me happy and fulfilled to the core, though.
I felt disconnected from the dance scene. I felt heart-broken that being a professional dancer in London ‘did not work out for me’. My training and my skill set dropped considerably, and from the job run I eventually burnt out. My dancer heart was bleeding.
I had traded my passion to the material powers of the system and I felt exhausted by this dead end.

On my journey into the abyss I learnt new lessons. The longing for more, the yearning for a deeper meaning to life led me into meditation circles, shamanic events, spiritual meetings, snack time youtubing and considerably increased my personal library with self-help books and lifestyle mastery reading materials.
As a child I always felt pulled towards the esoterical and mystical platforms. I always had a belief that those gifts are for “the chosen ones” and only if you are really lucky you’d be able to tap into that talent, as by magic.

From one event to the other I now am a Master in Angelic Reiki, I read the Tarot and use Essential Oils to help myself through the stages of shadow and assist many on my journey with words of wisdom from the universe. I now channel my classes mostly, I have found a way to connect with my creativity that makes me feel amazing and I allow myself to play again.

I could sit here and wish I had known those things 10 or 15 years ago, die with regret and guilt of not having done enough, not having been where I wanted to go when I started.

Yet that would not make sense, and it is not me. Because now I know that my path is a different one: I was never meant to go that way. I feel utterly thrilled to assist other dancers on their life path and share what I know. I have come across many techniques to release pressure that worked on me and have helped me to let go of fear, control and extreme tightness of spirit.

More than ever I feel so joyful to be here, to be teaching children and to be sharing my light with the world. And this is the pure truth I follow, I want to connect more and more with the heart space.
Dance to me is life. That simple? Yes. It is where I am in the present moment and I can allow myself to be the follower or the leader. I can enjoy all the experiences life has to offer and move freely.

I hope to inspire you with this blog. I hope that you will leave your own light here and assist other dancers who have lost their soul path by sharing what you know or sharing the posts, if it feels relevant.

I believe we can change the world into a beautiful place. Dance can take back the divine and sacred position it used to hold in history: dancers were the channel for the universal energies to flood a space, dance was a ritual of life including both joy, sorrow and all the feelings that life offers. With dance you can TRULY heal yourself: so drop the mind into the heart space and dance your life with that intention.

Just do it and watch what happens!


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