About Lisy

Hey gorgeous,

so lovely to receive you here!

I’m Lisy and if you don’t find me sipping matcha latter with almond milk somewhere quiet, I mostly love boarding planes to get me somewhere tropical or sunny – or both!
Born of Portuguese ancestory, I’ve turned into a multipassionate world-travelling Goddess, rebelliously choosing joy and love over any priority.

I took me quite a few years to get to this place, and as you may imagine… it certainly meant to overcome obstacles and u-turns, figure out the impossible, while still choosing to run in the direction of my dreams, despite friendly “safety” instructions and social norms pointing in the other direction.

In 2017, on the peak of my dance teaching career (I loved my job!), I decided to leave my buzzy London life behind, pack up my bright red 20 kg suitcase and travel the world. When people think “shoestring-budget” they drop the jaw when I say had just over 700EUR in my bank account… and a one way ticket to Hawaii! I set off despite the fear biting my sexy bum (it still is my favourite body part 😉 ) and said “Ciao old life” and began my online biz while travelling.

Around 10 months later I returned home on a first class seat with a heart full of love and 3 densely scribbled and heavily worn out journals dripping with stories of adventure, saucy love, some illegal deeds and a bunch of new friendships and, of course, truly incredible and mostly miraculous experiences!! This still makes my heart-mojo hum in joy.

I’m now based in Luxembourg, where I love to crash for a little before I head out again. I’ve got a successful online biz with incredible clients who I absolutely adore to create binge-factor content for and I also work for a kids entertainment company, which requires me to travel to luxury destinations in the Mediterranean area and have a bunch of fun in the sun. Honestly, I love how the universe aligned things for me so I could ooze in my soul purpose and bring all my gifts to the forefront of my zone of genius.

Some quirky facts about me:

I LOVE meditations by Joe Dispenza and Summer McStravick. I often play binaural beats for crazy witchy activations during my sleep.

My favourite animals are felines – got a heart-pumping love for bengal cats (dreaming of getting one when I settle down – lol, don’t ask me when that will be 🙄…)

Most people get shocked when they hear I speak 6 languages fluently to mother-tongue level.

Dance is and always will be my big love – though I don’t perform anymore these days, I sure as heck love playing around in my room or sing Alicia Keys in our hallway for loud echoes.

Oh, I’m also a HUGE fan of essential oils by doTERRA and actually carry them everywhere with me – my friends call me the oil-shaman haha…

I really hope you find inspiration, joy and all things Goddessy on my website.
I often cry when I read your love notes or receive your emails… honestly…

love you to the moon and back!
Lisy xo

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