Anna LaLaneia – Divine Channel

Anna LaLaneia is a starlight being from Ancient Lemuria who came to me for the very first time around 2011/12 during my first astral projections.

After leaving me with a few intense and profound experiences that I will never forget, I continued on my spiritual journey to learn various modalities of accessing and master my energetic gift. After almost a decade, she returned to me in the fall of 2019 to bring her lightcode activations.

With her direction and loving guidance I am placing them here for you to listen to at your own leisure.

Lisy xoxo

AnnaLaLaneia 1 You are a Goddess

AnnaLaLaneia 2 Spiderweb

AnnaLaLaneia 3 Divine Connector Medi

AnnaLaLaneia 4 Speak Up

AnnaLaLaneia 5 The Cage

AnnaLaLaneia 6 Effortlessness Activation

AnnaLaLaneia 7 The Dance in the Unknown

AnnaLaLaneia 8 Atlantean Lightcode Activation from Santorini Greece

AnnaLaLaneia 9 Moving through Grief and Chaos