Why I do the gratitude thing…

So I’m doing a course right now to upscale my manifestation game.
Both for personal reasons and for professional reasons, as nothing thrills me more than to learn more, thrive more and find new ways to do the shizzle we need to keep doing (I’m a creative being and my brain just needs a lot of variety, I can’t do the same rituals over and over, meh… I will never stick to it, and that’s ok… I found balance!

My balance is to be ok in the wild changes of my being.
My kinda balance is to create when the time is right… and so you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a couple of months…

yup! that’s also a way to keep sovereignty with myself.
I made a vow that I am no longer pushing. No longer trying to be, do or say anything that doesn’t feel in flow. Full stop.

So there I sat writing away on today’s task, GREAT-FULLness…

What blessing has been given to you that you might not stop and recognize often enough?

I have a beautiful blessing right amidst. I am GREAT-FULL for the life of freedom and remoteness that I’ve chosen for myself.

Travelling the world.
Learning so much.
Meeting new people.
Being exposed to new challenges.
Finding solutions.
Being stretched and educated in so many ways.

I live in a bungalow right on the beach, on a beautiful quiet Island in the tropics.
I’m able to sustain myself emotionally through all the peaks and lows.
I have a whole support system in place, family, friends and so many generous strangers.
I’m privileged to travel alone, as a woman.
I’m privileged to teach from my deepest place of passion and love.
I create income and beautiful connections to support my ongoing journey.

I can wake up at any time I desire, I can choose to take it slow and do lots of self-care on the days I may feel depleted, or just like taking it easy.
I actually am so GREAT-FULL for having the freedom of managing my own time, energy and space.
That’s a huge gift. An asset I don’t value enough.
This wasn’t the case only a year ago, when I was still tied to a schedule, whether I felt like working that day or not.
I loved my job, but this kind of freddom really is something I desire to celebrate so much more.

I also have complete freedom over my creative energy and I get to decide how I present my creations into the world and when (or not at all, even).
I have such an honour in my heart to be connected to powerful beings, conscious friends, wonderful heart-centred humans, who not only care for their and my highest good.
We’re all devoted to the highest good of the planet at large, consciously choosing to activate our assets, hone our gifts, pour our talents out to benefit the collective.
I’m allowed to play and ride th wave of flow, untethered from anything that me and the previous generations were taught.

I truly have manifested becoming the creatrix of my own reality by CHOICE!
Follwing my calling.
Listening to my gut.

I also understand that this may not be what everyone needs or desires, and I’ve made peace with that.
This lifestyle came to me through an alchemical process of visions, to have faith and utilise the tools I’ve picked up along the way. To consistently planting the seeds of the ether into matter. Hearing the call and making a mental note. Then taking action step.

One by one. Queuing with the divine, asking for miracles and the next step to be revealed to me.
I hit multitudes of layers: fears, doubts, blocks, hurdles, so many painpoints and I have to keep continuously choose to shift them.
I’m aware this is an ongoing journey and I’m so GREAT-FULL for every single time I choose to show up and own it. To decide that I am taking this journey on.

Both realities exist.
It was AND wasn’t meant to be. These two possibilities are valid.
I decided it will and it now is.

It’s so easy to forget. So easy to take things for granted.
It happens all the time.
1 week ago I was freaking out about what bungalow would be better to hang out in, when truly one year ago, all I desired was to be right here!
Just being here. On the beach. Hearing the waves as I slumber into my sleep and waking up to get my feet soaked in the wet sand as I inhale the turquoise with my eyes.

How would I know that I grow?
How would I understand the scope of my own magic?
How would I measure my dreams coming alive?

Magic is real for those who believe.
I’m (GREAT-)FULL of magic and miracles.


When the heart still hurts even after years….

So this past full moon has been really intense.
I thought I was all good (which often happens), but the full moon vibes sent me off into the abyss this time and I’m not sure I’ll come out or even want to come out anytime soon.

I met this lovely person a few days ago.
The vibe was playful.
Both Tauruses.
We danced till late into the night here in Hanoi.
It was so much fun I nearly passed out (may have been the heat and the lack of O2 and the laughing gas balloon excess that everyone was inhaling… thank you passive breathing…)

It was one of those encounters, where you know you’re both on a transition, about to leave to another country.
Traveller meetings and such.

Carpe Diem.
Enjoy the moment.

We ended up meeting again and did a bike ride with his friends.
It was so cool. I felt relaxed.
Yet after a day or so, I noticed that I just find it hard to just “be” and “hang”.
I love being in the moment, but I crave heartfelt connections fast.
When I don’t feel the all-encompassing desire for love in people, I either turn into the healer or I turn limp.
In this situation the second one kicked in.

I’m very mindful of whom I share my healing qualities with.
As you should, because 1st of all, nobody needs fixing.
Second, I also need time off to rejuvenate, so I can give my all to my beautiful Goddesses and wonderful clients when they need me.
Plus, I have no desire to fall back into the patterns of co-dependency and rescue everyone.
I can sit with the pain.

Well, it turns out that my initial reluctance vibe was on point with this soul.
I had sensed a slight “off-note” and disconnection (you know the denial patterns that leads people into telling jokes to forget about their pain).

Right on, Lisy!
Here we go….

So I noticed that I don’t vibe with sarcasm-bonding.
It’s not my cup of tea.
To me, most of the time when people do sarcasm-bonding in friendships, they either don’t dare to say the terrible truth or they’re seeking attention or whatever validation. Maybe because of boredom, or they can’t find a topic to talk about, or they’re simply uncomfortable with silence.
It doesn’t come from an empowered space for me and I have no desire to be weaving that kind of bonding.

When I was alone with him, I raised this and I admitted I find this difficult and just not fun.
Why would you mock another human being?

Maybe, I haven’t fully processed my own childhood trauma of mockery and mobbing?
What’s in there?

Well, it turns out that this guy has lived through a series of traumatic events from political conflicts in his country.
He said that since that time, he carries a lot of anger.
And he also admitted that he desires to hold on to it, to target it when the “time is right”.
Against the people that caused this pain to him.

Revenge, huh….

It’s like he can’t find joy or love anymore, so this is the only way he can laugh.

Hmmm, as much as I understand this, I can also see through the BS:
the person suffering the most from holding on to this is clearly himself.
I felt a lot of compassion.
And I also saw anew, how naive and blind I can be when it comes to understanding humans.
In my mind, I still believe and desire to believe that we are made of love and that we desire to be in that pure state.
hmmm…. well, no….
It’s a tough world out there sometimes. People DO go through A LOT of suffering and unconscious coping mechanisms to just get by.
We are socially not very educated on emotions and how to deal with emotions, at all.
Then, add some cultural or gender related role play and the sauce turns dirty pretty fast.

And I also understand:
it takes A LOT OF COURAGE to stand our ground in our emotions…
especially when they go wild and crazy. It’s not easy! Admitted.

Soon after that I got sent into my own turmoil. Unexpectedly.
And it hit me hard!!!

He started to accuse me to mess up his evening for pointing out my stance on sarcasm. That I was making him feel bad.

(huh, how was I responsible?)

That me, pretending to be such a beautiful person, seeing love in every situation, was not really walking my talk by bringing up all this negativity.

(hot damn…?!)

Especially on his birthday, and especially after inviting me to hang out with his friends and him kissing me on the first night, which is not something he really does.

(ah… entitlement going on?)

And then he was feeling confused about me demanding more explanations on his intentions.
He doesn’t usually make love to girls, he only hangs out with them, but there is no sex because to him it’s not “about fucking” like all men do


and also he is not sure that making love to a lot of people is a good thing etc etc)

(clear divergence in our points of view here!)


so beside the fact that I intend to be open with all my encounters and explain that at this point I have 2 main lovers I connect with deeply and they both know about each other and my encounters, I truly care about your intention…
re: my blogpost on dating a married man: – not doing that again, thank you!

It takes power to stand by my choices and not waver.
It takes a lot to discuss these topics openly because, truly I may or may not desire to be entangling with a person according to their stance, too.
After all, there’s 2 to tango and in my view, interacting with him means that I’m mindful that he has a different opinion on this exact topic, so I have to bring it up, for integrity purposes!
And yes…. most people just avoid it.

It hit me hard to receive all these words.
I see, that I’m hurting so much from my ex-relationship.
So much so that my body was trembling and my whole being just wanted to get away as fast as possible!
Everything started to well up inside me:
memories of fights, frustration, feeling misunderstood, seeing him as a predator that I need to escape from, helplessness, confusion.
It was a whole rollercoaster of bodily sensations.
Heart racing. A knot tensing in my throat. Shallow breathing. Shaky legs.
Blood rushing. Numbness. Rage and fury building in my belly and arms.

Alright…. let’s just keep walking.
No I want to call a taxi to take me back to my hostel now.
No, that’s crazy. Ok. I’m pissed.
Why on earth are we even here now?
Argh… it’s flipping raining too now.
He won’t get it. He’ll never understand.
I’m just to complicated.
Wait, why is he not getting it?
Wait, why am I feeling this way?
I hate feeling like this.
This hasn’t been around for a long time.

When you enter the ring of pain, it’s never pretty.
It took me a good while to come to calm, but I cracked right through it.

I asked myself, what do I need, right now?
Physical distance. Silence. Movement. Processing time.

Where in my body am I feeling this?
I started to name the body parts in my head…

What am I feeling/thinking this situation is?
Danger, Get away, move on, forget about him.

When he wanted to just touch my hand I pulled away, and he wanted physical closeness, I snapped:


Please don’t touch me!
I don’t want to just forget about it. This is important!
As much as you feel that I’m not responding in the ways you were expecting or that I’m crazy, this topic is very important.
And right now I feel like busting off, running away and crossing you off my map.
Me still standing here and talking to you calmly is my way of showing strength and respect.
You don’t know what this gesture means to me, because we have never talked about it, but right now I need to you to respect my need for physical distance until I feel safe again.
Right now I don’t feel safe!

Then I zoomed out and realised:

This pain is not even about him, it’s still in me from my past relationship.
I’m hurting.
All the pain I used to feel back then, when my ex would hold my wrists to “bring me to my rational senses” rushed right back into my body.
I realised that I was hurting and pushing away my anger in a weird kind of way.
He was suppressing it in his own way and it came out like that: accusations.
For me it was the need for righteousness and making my point be understood.


Of course, deep down we both desired to feel loved and accepted.
I had probably hurt him too.
Even if he has not processed his anger, it doesn’t remove his right to be loved and supported.

I’m glad I could turn this around in the moment and use all the tools I’ve learnt in the past few years.
Yet, I also understand that there is soooooo much hurt and pain that still needs processing.

And that IS a matter of time, and I cannot ignore it.
I just need to allow it to surface, slowly and patiently.

Despite, that I’m not sure if he even understood half of the story, it eased out somehow.
We were able to hold each other again afterwards and there was sensual energy circulating between us. Mutual understanding.
However, I also feel that it is important for me to be in a space with a partner who has done or is willing to process with me.
Otherwise I fall back into the rescuer or healer, or worse the co-dependency patterns where each chase our own tail.

I have the right to choose a partner who is in alignment with my heart.
I have the right to choose and re-affirm to the universe that I desire a lover who radiates love into the world and takes responsibility for his part, too.
Especially when we are facing hurts and pains together.

Sometimes I’m weak. I cry. I’m scared. I’m wild. I’m in need of support.
And sometimes I can also hold space for these in my lover.
There needs to be a balance in these roles.

Clearly, the balance was created out of my own doing and we both experienced a sensation-shift.
I truly longed to be held and kissed again afterwards.
And he felt the exact same way.

Even though we might not see each other again, I feel like I lifted some of the burden and veil over this dusty part in me.

There’s a depressed, angry and frustrated Lisy inside me somewhere.

She’s waiting to be received in her pain, to be held in her tears, to be understood and nurtured and told that it’s ok.
She’s allowed to come out, and say or express what she needs.
She’s still loved.

The one she probably needs the most love from is myself.
She needs gentleness.
She needs caring words.
She needs time.
She needs to be seen.

For now, she also needs me to protect her from people who aren’t able to see her that way.
From those trying to put pretty flowers on her for the “right picture” when all she wants to do is yell and scream and release.

She’s got the right to feel this way.
She’s got the right to take as much time as she needs to tell and re-tell all the wrong-doings.

Thank you for reading.
Much love to you, ferocious being! xo


2 years ago…

Hello my loves,


wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years that I have launched this website and officially shared it on social media with my friends at that time.

at the time I had only published one autobiographical article and no clue what my business could look like.

I was a dance teacher desiring to help other dancers to feel better about themselves

So much shifted since.

2 months before that I had had an abortion that literally transformed me and my life.
This blog here was the brink of the huge movement I was about to step into.

If you had told me 2 years ago I’d be going on a world trip with only £500 in my account I’d probably tell you, you’re flipping crazy!
I’d never do that!
That’s dangerous and mad!

If you had told me that in 2 years I’d be visible to a wide audience, be interviewed and openly talk about sexual liberation, womb wounds, my own abortion and my setting-free of my toxic relationship I’d probably run into a corner and hide with shame and fear.

If you had told me that in 2 years time I’d feel happy, free, empowered and have my fire lit up by life and by the amazing women I help transform and heal me alongside, I’d probably burst into tears of hope and doubt at the same time.

I’m actually crying now, because it takes hell of a force to pull yourself out of the slippery slopes when you’re hurt and weakened by the bars of your own cage.

I can see now how they were mostly self-inflicted constructs of pain and I’m so grateful I got to this point of realisation.
That I see this exact moment even come alive is a miracle, after how deep in the gutters I was and suicide had crossed my mind many times.

A long journey of wound licking, trying new things, trying something else, allowing help in, allowing love in, allowing power back in, taking leaps of faith, taking bigger leaps, jumping off cliffs, higher everytime…

And so today I celebrate me, I want to celebrate the courage I’ve taken on to make this possible for myself and to show other women that it is possible to turn anything around in life.

It’s possible to throw it all down, creep out of the mess and build a new empire from scratch.
It may take what it takes, but once you do that thing your soul’s been calling you to, it all seems to fall from grace and you get to choose it all again.

Over and over and over.
And you get to rise.
You get to feel good.
You get to create and be free.
You get to find the hold in love.

There’s only 2 possible ways to live by,
one as if nothing was a miracle,
the other as if everything is a miracle.

Thank you Mr Einstein:
I choose the latter now.

Thank you for your ongoing inspiration my beautiful hearts!
I love you so much 💖
you have no idea!!! 💥💥💥💥💥



Have you ever dated a married man?

I have.

If you’re already triggered and thinking you stupid fucking bit$h!
Please… leave now!
This is not for you…

If you like it or not this stuff happens ALL THE TIME!
So, if you’re in for understanding something deeper around this pattern, you may hang out with me here and let me know your thoughts.

And if you’re married, you definitely want to be hanging around, too.

If you have a mistress or a secret lover… let’s see how far you can read without throwing your laptop out of the window or writing me an abusive email 😉
I won’t chew my words….

Alright, let me tell you briefly how this last story started, just so you get a glimpse of the situation.

Probably very similar to many stories out there.

So I was in Bali. I’m tripping around the globe right now.
It must have been on my second week there, after a very high-vibe Goddess day where I desired to spend some deep thoughtful time with myself, rebalance my energies and do all the witchy-spiritual stuff you do as an entrepreneur stepping in for a bigger mission on the planet (such as women empowerment in my case).

Now, I never thought, I’d be writing this post EVER! But I have to, because not only do I feel responsible for how this story could be affecting my expression (especially the one I love the most, the raw, authentic roar and gnarling one with teeth out and dribbling saliva of a black panther).
First and foremost, I want to you to see, that as much as I may be an inspiration for women, I too seek and look out to learn deeply from my life’s lessons.

So I was journaling on this situation I’m having with this lover (whom I’m just going to call Adam for anonymous purposes).
And I thought of doing the Byron Katie “Judge your neighbour worksheet” on this.

(If you don’t know it, you can download it here! Fucking amazing!)

And midway through, I started to look at my writings and figuring out whether I could turn this around. Or was I just seeking a way to “make it pretty”?
And then…. this blog post started to pound. Sentences, words, whole paragraphs.
And as I do…. When the creative call is on, I follow it.

I will leave a few photos of the writings I did, just in case you are curious to know more.
So here I am telling you the story as it has unfolded so far.
On that Goddess Day in Bali, I went to hang out at Alchemy, a really lovely vegan place.
My intention was to stay present, but also to remain in a sacred space mode: I’d only engage with things that seemed necessary and worthwile to me.
So there I am, salad and drink ordered, I pulled my tarot cards out and started to do a reading for myself, earphones in and off I was recording eagerly as if I was reading to an imaginary Lisy opposite me.
As I finished up, my food had already arrived and I started munching, when I noticed someone looking at me and ask “Hey, do you do many readings?”.

I nodded, mindful and poised. And I added: “yes, but I don’t really advertise it though. I see this as a sacred divination form, but a lot of people interact with it, giving their power away. So I’m always careful, because I don’t do the you’ll-find-your-soulmate or you’ll-die-in-3-days-BS to keep you hooked to pay me more.
When spirit speaks it comes with a voice of love but also the one that stirs you to dare more, bolder and such. If you’re open to that, I may consider giving you one.”
“I would love that”.
“Sweet, let me finish my meal and we’ll talk later!”

Random as random can be.
I admit, not everyone would respond this way, but I give people what I think genuinely, most of the time. Nothing to lose. This is me. He looked hooked.

Thereafter followed a really compelling exchange on travel, spirituality, love and soul connection. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. And I relaxed, too. He’s actually very charming.
Only a short while later, I found myself sipping on my juice at the same table with him and his friend.

We didn’t do the reading since the conversation flow was so beautiful, so I agreed to yield my number so we could get to business later in the weekend. I also said, hey, there’s a swimming pool where I’m staying, you’re welcome to come hang out with your friend.

They seemed friendly and really interesting. Why not.

A few text messages that evening and we were on it. He was leaving in a few days and as it is, you either meet with travellers while the iron is hot, or you’ll probably never see each other again.

That would’ve been a shame, since he’s so interesting and we truly seemed to be on the same page with so many things! Let’s go for a drink!

A few hours on, a really deep conversation on the cosmos, the universe had formed this beautiful cocoon of connection and attraction. Looooong looooong eye gazing moments. I sense some serious chemistry building. Such deep understanding, A bond emerging. Enticing!
After his elegant invitation to a kiss that melted my heart on the spot we were dancing this gorgeous dance of love and passion igniting.

I am a free woman. Even though I have two beautiful lovers whom I adore deeply, we are in the agreement of open flow, as long as we feel good about our interactions… plus I’m travelling for an undetermined time right now, so this is just the most authentic for now.
Also, opening up to another man does, in my mind, in no way take any of my love away from them, just clearing this out of the way (this would be another post as a whole, I guess).
And in fact, this allows me to write this article from a discerning perspective, too, since we have this stunner connection that helps me to see through layers that I would never be able to see on my own!

Thank you my loves ❤

What developed from that kiss, was a magical free flow: from conversation, to connection, to love, to hot and firey love-making. Tantric and stunning.
Like in a movie, truly. If there was an esthetical way to love and connection we definitely hit all the checkpoints!
Orgasmic states for hours, short naps that seemed to kick our hearts alive for another round of laughter, lovemaking and joy.
It was truly perfect in every way, starting with the connection and bonding first and foremost: the physical expression was just a natural extension of this.

We spent a whole day together and it was mindblowing, my body still carries the impressions of those moments, so much so, that I feel that this meeting was just not a coincidence.

For the spiritual babes out there: we definitely met in many past lives. There is a much deeper force at action when these things happen, and so I completely honour and respect the sacredness of this union!
It has taken shape in its own way and that in itself is beautiful, of course.

I guess, this is also the intangible part to love and meeting people.
Some forces pull us in without our own making:  trust me when I say that this man carries a very desired signature of a man for me to settle and have kids with. No offense to my existing lovers, they already know anyways.
YET,  there’s a catch! (obvi….)

Never in my healthiest mind would I have thought that a man would open up to me in such ways with this explosive secret that changes EVERYTHING to the interaction we experienced.

Not once, did it cross my mind!

When he was gone off on another island, we had the phone call that shattered my heart into a million pieces. Not only did it shatter my being because this connection was so powerful and strong and I “wasn’t allowed” to have it.
This withheld news shattered my heart because of the role I play in the world of stepping in for women, helping them to own up to their wild Goddess power, to claim their boundaries, to be fierce and bold and to dare to live the life they deserve in love, connection, abundance and joy.

There I was “having an affair with a married man” and hurting another woman without my consent!
Yes, you may call me out here! I did not ask AND I didn’t even think about this!
As I now understand, he very well stirred the question about family and having children in the direction of keeping this a secret. A truthful man would have immediately raised this and happily discuss the lessons and challenges of marriage.
But you see the “happily” is the problem here.
And the truth of un-happiness creates this whole space of possibility and the grass being greener on the other side. And also the fear of displaying the raw hurtful reality:  this isn’t necessarily the topic he wants to talk about, since he’s not happy.
And this being said, even with the most overt and direct question in the world, people WILL keep what they don’t like to display a secret.

With the news, also came the admitting that he had experienced having a mistress before. It wasn’t his first time? aha… a pattern. Nice!

And here I am, in my wild Goddess robes calling him out on this.
I remained loving and understanding. I have experienced being in the affair roles before.
I have actually been on both sides, so I know what it’s like.
Deep down, the fear is always that we will lose love (and all the forms that love comes in: respect, admiration, acceptance, kindness, understanding, approval, validation, honour, status, power, etc etc.)

It hurts!
Yes, it fucking hurts!!!!

As a facilitator and sexual priestess I can catapult myself beyond my own pain, I can sift through the layers, put my own emotional experience on hold and navigate us out through the situation.
But it will always catch back on me, and I will always need to process this on my own, especially when I am affected directly, such as in this case.

In the following conversations came his understanding and decision that in order to receive and feel worthy of real love, he will have to raise this situation with his wife. Maybe not immediately, but as some point it will need to be raised.

You see the hurt never hurts the other ultimately (even if it does, of course).
The biggest damage we do when living a lie, is always to self.
One may not see it immediately, but the real hurt of infidelity always hurts us the most, for the story and the meaning we attribute to ourselves while we live this lie.

And this exact fear of losing love can keep our donkey-mind (chasing behind the carrot) entertained for as long as we check out of the situation.

So I agreed, that we could meet again, with the intention of elevation.
With the intention of experiencing a deeper meaning to love and sensuality that he may take into his marriage and feed into his life, but especially into his marriage.
I absolutely honour the role of his wife being the woman who came first and the woman he will choose first, regardless of any experience he would have with any other woman.

If you are dating a married man, you NEED to be okay with this.
You will always be second choice to his wife.
It’s not about his wife, it’s about the persona he grew into alongside his wife, as well as all the people entangled in their lives (family, friends, habits, possibly children, community rituals such as celebrations and birthdays).
You see there is this web he created that will be very hard to let go of, because letting go of a partner means to let go of a whole life inside you (this is why we grieve when someone breaks up with us or dies).

Here’s where it all gets a little tricky, and I can totally relate that my perspective on this may be a little revolutionary.

I’m a rebel. Sorry, not sorry!

Those people whom he is attached to, may not have an open-minded perspective at all, they will not have the emotional vocabulary to even understand the depths of these layers.
Not everyone can’t just walk up to their parents and say, hey I cheated on my husband, without ruffling some serious feathers.

This is exactly where this married man you’re dating starts to split off into a double persona, if not triple or multiple persona. And he will have figured out how to do this very well!
(especially because this need for approval and love stems from a much deeper part in his life, and he has endulged into the ways of “pleasing to gain something” for his whole life possibly”.
Pointing fingers out of the way: we ALL know how to do this.
White liese, beautiful lies, who may not be so white for the love we are so able to receive, if we actually dare to.

So he will create this perfect world with you and possibly love you deeply and passionately, but he is simultaneously entangled in this other network with commitments and other love languages that he can’t sever from.

Entering a relationship with a married man with the expectation or conviction that you “are better than” or “worthy enough to leave his wife for” is a beautiful illusion that will keep both of your donkey-minds entertained for as long as…. You… check… out… of…. It…

There’s this stunning hologram that you both create together,
that will remain alive for as long as you feed it.

Only yesterday I had a call with a client who is more in love with the “potential” of her man than her “actual man”.
This is keeping us caged up in the highest form of lack of integrity.
It may be pretty looking, and it may keep up all your hopes and it may even make us believe that this is love and that it’s worth it, after all.

Well, It’s not, really.
You are loving the projection of this life more than the actual life.

This causes a series of havok in our vibrational body: we keep telling the universe that it is ok not to receive the real deal. We are ok with remaining passive and numb (such muddfuckin bitches for our system!! Gah!). We attach all sorts of meanings around the terrible truth to make it “pretty” and “okay” when it’s ugly AF and when we are slowly dying inside.

This form of death is a killer to it all.

We start to dim our voice.
We start to play a little smaller.
We start to hide this and that.
And then we start to lie better and bolder.
We create this whole damn fake life.

Our creativity stagnates.
Our wealth stagnates.
Our love to others stagnates.
Our love to self stagnates.
Our dreams are put on hold.
We then wonder why life is so hard.

How can we possibly find the ultimate connection to the universe and feel ignited by our life when we don’t dare to show who we REALLY are!

This man is a beautiful human being.
I love him dearly, and I truly feel that his heart is warm and means well.
But I can’t stay in touch with him.
As long as he keeps himself stagnated on such a deep and profound layer of his life, I agree to this vibration, too.

Our week’s meeting was beautiful, it was paradise on earth.
I got to experience what my future relationship with my man could look like.
The universe sent me into this experience with a conscious man, one whom is deeply connected to himself, to the world, to life’s beauty, to art and love and all things art, poetry, music, dance.

And this is true for my other lovers.

Yet the catch is, that he IS married and that for now, he is not available to me as my partner.

The catch is very important!!

And so I’m having to be truthful and honest here.
I got to experience the signature of a relationship I desire.
And I’m also having to take responsibility for my own actions as if my life depended on it, because it ACTUALLY does!
I can see how my mission, my business and my self-love depends on this, so my LIFE totally depends on this action.

Me severing this relationship fully is a call to trust in the universe that I CAN attract my soul partner in crime.
It is an act of faith.
It is a act of belief and deep love.
For myself and for my partner who is already on the way.

I get it, your family may never understand this.
This path of truth isn’t for everyone.
I hear you. It’s hard.
I hear all your flags and fears come up. All your excuses why you can’t and won’t.


Now, that’s out of the way.
So what do you choose now?

You see ultimately choosing this man for the illusion is ALSO pushing away all the ways that the universe may love you more, show you more, unveil more!
Yes you may cry. You may hurt. You may feel lost and sad.
But you won’t cry for as long as it will last if you remain in this self-sabotage pattern.
You may feel ok with that for a while.

The jungle will always call you back out.
If you have this wild beating in your being, you KNOW!

Here’s a prayer that you may want to use.

I choose to set myself free from this burden.
I choose to release a perfect picture so I may receive truth.
I choose life and creativity.
I choose standing fiercely in my truth.
I choose love, deep, divine, real and raw love.
I choose a partner who is a perfect match to me now.
I am open to miracles.
I am open to receive the life that my higher self desires for me.
I make space for my dream partner to step into my life now.
I am ready for you.
I am here, eagerly waiting to jump around your neck and kiss you passionately.
I am ready for us to travel the world together.
I am feeling your hand holding mine as we wander the roads of our beautiful planet.
I am so full of love for myself and for you and for the connection we share.
I am so ignited and moved by your amazing bold heart.
I love how you show me freedom in new ways.
I love how you bring us both back to love, over and over.
I can feel our spirit babies.
I can sense a glimpse of the life we are to walk together and create a bond that strengthens and grows over time.
I desire to honour you and worship you and feel honoured and worshipped by you in equal ways.
I can see us elevating everyday.
I can see us crying and releasing in each other’s arms.
I can feel this unabiding love grow strong and bold.
A gentle caress, a firm hold, a porous touch, a profound gaze.


Thank you for reading.
Lisy xo

Are you a chameleon?

I always thought my success had to come from my own doing alone.

I always believed that the only way abundance, joy and love would come to me is if I did more:

work harder, longer hours,
connect with more « likeminded souls » so I could be entertained,
do everything to make people feel good, modify and change myself all over so that I could be loved more.

The chameleon lifestyle.
You tint by the colours of your environment.

This is wonderful news to the saboteur in us all.
She loooooves to measure all the temperatures and colours outside and quickly shift them so balance is achieved; to thereafter beat you hard when your colour keeps shifting back to your « ugly » own.

All the while this trick may work wonders for real chameleons in the jungle, it depletes the human who is yearning to be free.
Wildly free.

Now that I’m journeying around the world and assisting amazing human beings into a life that’s wilder than their dreams this truth here keeps hitting home that I’d like to share.
It would be highly counterproductive to keep taking the chameleon’s path.

1. a strong leader needs to be ok with the pain, their own and especially other’s. Pain and rough edges are a natural symptom of growth.
When a client is shifting through her own stories of distress, discomfort and discord she is actually expanding.
« Changing colours » immediately would completely rob her and myself of the power of the process as well as the beauty of true victory: elevating into a higher plane of love as a natural aftermath of pressure.

I often feel like a midwife in the process of journeying with a client: we both breathe and push together into birth and the peaks of oxytocin. It’s tremendously beautiful.

2. Making things about me and my success will always set me up for low vibes.
My client’s and my own most powerful breakthroughs came when I hold space from an elevated place in my heart.

We live at the centre of the huge orchestra of the universe. Our heart IS connected to it all: our dreams, our tribe, our experiences are all weaved together in the mass of the cosmos.

Nothing happens from our own doing alone: we congregate with the universe on everything that comes our way.
Whether it’s conscious or unconscious: the magic starts when all the instruments tune in together to create a mindblowing symphony. What a pity it would be for a sax to feel bad and attempt being a steeldrum, right!?

We owe it to our power within to vibrate at our very unique tone. Sing baby!

3. Toning down my voice, my needs, my gifts in hope of gaining greater love from my loved ones (including family) and clients is a miss most of the time.

You can’t please everyone.
You can’t work with everyone.
You can’t save others before saving yourself.
Your family and friends may never understand what you’re doing and it’s not fair to leave your decisions into success up to them.

The world out there needs you. Seeking immediate validation from all angles will destroy your business as well as your love for life ultimately.
Be brave to grow into your own wise mother and father.
Be bold to show up for those who need to hear you out.
Be fierce when it comes to speaking up on truth, yes even if it’s ugly!
Dare to say no to clients!

It’s the real you, the wise real deal who will sell your programs out! Not the desperate run amok craze!

Your partner, your friends and family might never get you: love them anyway! If they honestly care they will care more about your inner joy and genuine happiness than « what you put out there ». Dare to have conversations that stir up and propel more love. Dare to draw limits and boundaries!

4. MF’in elevate like never before!
It’s a treacherous path to walk where nobody walked before you: you got this!
Keep going, keep shifting, keep doing the biggest challenge first, keep believing.

Success never comes planned: it will always surprise you in the lurky corners.
Be courageous to slay through the wild.
Bring your wolves with you.
Create connections that support your journey.
Ask for help.
Offer someone a hand.

Us wild women thump for heartfelt connections: there’s tons of us out there. Howl louder!

Remember the stars you’re made of!
Ignite your gold!
You matter!


You get to be IT – will you dare to?



Oh the joys of JOYS I’m feeling today!!!

I never knew how TRULY I was born to do what I do until I started to work with my dream clients.

I never grasped the size of my IMPACT on people, until I started to magnetise those amazing beings who are bold and true and daring enough to defy their own BS, fears and all the rubbish we got told was ours, until my own clients dropped it all and started to rise out of the ashes.

I never understood the ways I could PROPEL real transformation until those same women and men I am head over heels for would say they feel like they are a different person altogether, sometimes only after 1 single session.

I never even experienced the SWELLING of my heart and the joy that thrilled my whole body until the victory of a client rings through the call with a roar, or a message or an email and we both get to celebrate her so much I would shed a tear or two.

Wow, if there is a way to name the PLEASURE we feel when another takes pleasure… I have harnessed that ability today especially!

Today I created so much magic with two amazing women.
Today I shifted so much in my being around success.
Today I received and received and received.
Today and everyday, this is a new reality of mine.

I am a powerful being
I attract powerful beings in my life, ALL THE TIME!!!!
I am a creator, I am a magic weaver, I am a healer, I am a catalyst.
I am a magnet for success and love.
I am beautiful and radiant.

I am elated.
I am soooo on purpose!

I looked back today:

A year ago I started to own up to a new possibility.
9 months ago I decided it was time to change.
6 months ago I left my dance teaching career in London and launched my new business adventure.
5 months ago I was about to step onto the plane to my first world trip destination.
3 months ago I made my first considerable sale.
2 months ago I had my first 1K day.
1 month ago I launched my first ever live webinar on Sex Magic.

2 weeks ago I felt like I died energetically
My bank account completely drained,
I cried live on a video about my shame and my embarrassment, I thought everything was going to end here & would need to go back home and give up my dream.
I was lost.
I hated my marketing.
I hated my business.
I just didn’t FEEL IT.
I had started to hate myself again, fall back into my old ways.

It all revealed itself:

I just had fallen out of love’s embrace.
I stopped trusting.
I started to make things about me, rather than see them for what they were:

Signs of being catapulted onto a new level.
My old self had to die.
She had to expose herself.
She had to see that she was outdated and no longer fitted the purpose!
I felt the pain, I birthed the death self out, and gone she was!

And within 48hrs:

A friend deposited a gift of $500.
40 new friend requests.
Friends as well as strangers from all over the world reached out and opened my eyes anew:
they’ve been watching me, they’ve been noticing me.
They’ve been connected to me. Sometimes silently, until THIS VERY DAY!
And then, I found my dream coach who I will be up-levelling more with. A woman with a deep soul who KNOWS!
I connected to my heart mission again.
I decided I would make it all about love again.
I fell in love with making it about love first and foremost.

Last week I taught another sex magic class.
70 women connected with me in person.
25 jumped on the live call.
Over 30 women watched the replay.
It hit a huge success! Women were inquiring, asking, sharing, expressing, crying, joyfully celebrating this beautiful connection to loving their body, their being, their LIFE!

I started to host my coaching calls again.
This time around with a whole new set of women and men.
Phenomenal transformations like never before!

I’m up-levelling more and more.
Bali on Sunday will be bringing new elevations, I can sense it in every BONE of mine, every single CELL!

I know this is the REAL DEAL!
I know I’m on the right path!
I just KNOW, and I HAD to commit.
Leave the past.
Burn the bridges.

I learnt that I AM the safety net.
I AM the goddess.
I AM the catalyst.
I AM the one propelling people into levels of LOVE they never knew existed.
I AM the one who will be revolutionising the marketing plane with a whole new set of gears!

And it’s all about LOVE!

When you fall so fiercely and madly in love with your life, with yourself, with everything you create from the roots up, there just is NO other thing you’ll ever need.

YOU get to be IT!
You already are!

Hold your heart.
Hold your yoni.
Breathe in, contract & hold.
Now exhale slowly and fully, relaaaaaaaaax!

Your heart’s been waiting for you.
All this time, you’ve been looking out… for YOU!

Welcome home.

The RAW truth – behind the scenes of an uprising female entrepreneur

(What no entrepreneur owns up to, unless they’ve made the gold
& How and why I’ve been chickening out of my real size too…)


So this morning I had a beautiful share with a beloved being about all kinds of things and the conversation propelled a huge realisation in my mind.


All this time, in the past few weeks I had been playing damn small.
So small, that I stopped creating regular content.
I had stopped to do videos on my social media.
I had gotten myself into this safe space, but it was so small and contained that I had not even noticed it.


And so, I’m writing this blog as a massive apology to you, who have been following me as a leader and visionary, who I feel I betrayed.
But especially to my soul, because I had actually started to move away from my committed path:
showing and speaking the truth, yes!
the REAL truth…. not just the one that is in consumable bite sizes!


And I had to call myself out on my own BS.



My beloved said, well do what feels right.
But I could tell, that “doing what feels right!” was actually leading me astray!

It was leading me down the road of waiting “for the right moment2, you know, the one where you “have it all figured out and digested”.


And here’s what happens when you believe that thought.
It’s so tiny and almost imperceptible (especially because it actually serves the lower mind to be in power of winning).
Wow… and it had passed me by ALL THIS FUCKING TIME!!!
I was about to go down the “safe path!” again and CHICKEN THE FUCK OUT of showing who I really am!!!


So I said, fuck that!



I am going to stand rooted in my grounds and display who I am,
especially the ugly stuff that’s been going on my mind lately.


So here are the things that I thought were going to destroy me, my reputation, my integrity, my face, my everything!
And deep down, I knew I had to step up to the game.
Yes Yes Yes!


And I feel sick to the core to admit this, but I will regardless, because I really believe that we need to be able to break sometimes to break open wider!
To get to the mud, into the ruts of it and display our struggle as much as our gold!


Here are the chicken-stories:


– admitting that I’m not making 10K+ a month will lower my credibility and reputation as a coach
– I keep running out of cash and I have to hide it, because it makes me look like a victim
– I’ve been couchsurfing, sharing people’s homes, wandering from place to place and it’s “not right” to do it this way
– I am highly sensitive to people’s energies and it makes me “anti-social” or “incapacitated” as a human being
– I should keep my sexual adventures and experiences to myself, because it’s nobody’s business
– my marketing is outwardly “bold AF” and “in your face” because nobody fucking listens otherwise, even though it doesn’t feel like it’s the true “Lisy”
– I’m not excited about taking selfies in front of big monuments and do a sight-seeing sprint: it disgusts me, in fact! but OMG I can’t say that, because people think that what I should be doing: take advantage of being in “amazing places” to do “amazing things”: in truth I’ve been indoors a lot working through my next launches and clearing/tuning into myself, because the city lifestyle plays massive havoc on my system
– If people don’t pay me, they’re not real clients and so I shouldn’t claim their success rates with the public
– going public with manifested gifts and value is “nothing” because “nobody gives a shit, if it’s not real cash”


sink overflow
So basically…. all these stories created a massive plug in my energy field and I just needed to pull the plug and remind myself to go TO TOWN in terms of owning my own teachings: show the raw truth!
And thereafter to realise how fake these stories were in comparison to the REAL SIZE I can take in the world!

so, the reality-check 1on1:


+ what about OWNING IT ALL?! (yes both light AND dark!)
+what about the BIG ASS WHY behind creating a platform that transforms & transcends empowerment for every being on the planet (see the FGM section below)
+what about my INTUITION SUPERPOWERS that have led me to the most soul-fueled experiences and knowings, synchronicity and everything magic so far?
+ what about all the connections, friendships and partnerships I created along this 4 month trip so far?
+ what about the 13K’s worth of value I manifested in accomodation, food and countless gifts I never needed to pay for?
+ what about the ripples of change I propelled in the 40 people I coached and supported in the past 6 months? messaging me weekly and daily about their small victories and success stories?
+ what about all the ways I kept in-check with my boundaries, owning my body and my sovereignty to ONLY make love to lovers and spending time with people I felt the FULLBODY FUCK YES for. All the times I removed myself from or dismantled situations that felt out of integrity for me, without blinking ONCE! (yes even if it came to the situation of lying completely naked in bed and speak up that I don’t desire to make love and to have it respected!)
+ what about the courage I’ve propelled in myself by just jumping into the unknown of the world with 500£ in my account? doing things I never thought I would do (such as climb down a 30m waterfall in the Blue Mountains!)
+ what about  the lessons and tales I’ve picked up on my journey to learn about who I am in the world: discovering that I am a leader from the heart, with power, sovereignty and integrity with my values
+ what about the truths that I’ve spoken about so far, despite the risk of being judged, scrutinised, criticised or shamed for (abortion, rape, sexual liberation, sex magic, orgasms, and all things taboo that holds human beings down and disempowered!)
+ what about ALL the leaps of success I do every single day that nobody sees? no will ever see?


perspective kauai
I dare you to dare!!!

Dare the haters to come up to you and throw you down!

Dare the fears to come and haunt you back into your little place to hide!

Dare the ones who say they have big dreams but never do shit to get dirty &
grind up the muddy hills!

Dare the ones who create and hide their raw art in the bottom drawer to bring it out &
show it to the world!

Dare the silent ones to step bigger than ever, speak louder than ever!

Dare to challenge yourself to do what scares TF out of you &
do it first thing in the day!

Yes, dare to be on the other side of fear saying:
thank you, but I’m going this way now!

Dare to reveal your long-held secrets,
step up to the platform with a fierce & bold heart!


Remember why you are here!
Remember there’s somebody out there who needs you to speak up!
Remember why you need to make those millions!


This world runs on money & money is a fucking divine joker if you know HOW to put it into action!
It may not buy your health back when it’s gone, but it sure can save people’s lives, offer shelter, support, resources and all other extensions of love for those who need it.


I needed to remember WHY I NEED TO STOP HIDING!


My desire is for every single woman and man on the planet to be the sovereign owner of of their own body, their voice, their dreams, their sexuality and pleasure: to live a life they really desire and that fulfils them and their loved ones to the brim!


I remembered the documentary on FGM (female sexual mutilation) I saw years ago and how it shook me to the core:
this atrocity is a reality; such as many other heart-breaking things are in the world.
It’s so fucking messed up: women have their beautiful parts stripped off them because SOMEBODY decides their body is shameful!
That it’s dirty!
And more, that feeling pleasure is a sin and that they therefore need to suffer for the rest of their lives giving painful births and excruciatingly agonising lives with shitty or non-existent sexuality (the space that allows for so much healing in the first place, right!?)


WHO DECIDES?! God damn!



This shook me so much, because not only did I understand the depth of this injustice.
It revealed my own power to me!


I just couldn’t go grinding the dance teacher job anymore, barely getting by and not being able to put savings on the side!
Deep down there are people who are being crushed by the system who need someone from the western world to reach their hand!


WE HAVE NO IDEA about the power we truly own in the West!


You see the system is so smart, it makes you forget about what’s going on the world.
It’s so easy to get entangled into your own little life, trying to get from month to month, falling into the slumber of the western grind. It’s like a slavery system that makes people run like mad hamsters who never get off the wheel.


So I had to come to the other side, living on the edge to realise the self-fulfilling madness prophecy I almost ran into too.
Believing that there’s nothing I could truly change.


Because that’s what it gets down to: we believe there is “nothing” we can do; because there’s hardly anything we can do to take ownership of our own time, money, energy and family-connections.
The western grind makes you fall asleep to your own power.


And so I faced this situation these past few weeks, where I thought I was going mad:
one of my close friends called me out, some family members called me out from their side:
what the heck was I doing? living off the system? talking about making millions? and orgasms? and running out of cash?!


come back into the safe cage!!!
it’s golden!
it’s pretty!



cage child

So as a free bird flying wild in paradise, here I am taking the leaps of faith I never thought I would!
I’m doing it for a cause!
And it’s much bigger than me!


I’m having to shed my beliefs around EVERY thing: money, relationships, wealth, success, human connection, emotional drama, all kinds of drama.
I’m having to stand fierce as a true Panther hissing and knarling at those who enter my field to place bombs: it’s flipping sacred lands down here!
And nobody gets to enter and throw my trees down!


As much as I had to birth the courage to say NO on that day I took the abortion: it was coming from a place of protection for my future child: I’m NOT allowing for us to go down the grind, to be abandoned, to feel like a burden, I am NOT going through pregnancy (the most beautiful and stunning space a woman can find herself) emitting emotional despair vibrations into my baby. I am NOT allowing anybody to decide how messed up my life will be or won’t be. I will NOT give in to the temporary validation over the long-term repercussion. Especially, if I have the choice as a Western woman.


And what happened:
I got to say HEAVEN YES to all the things that mean the real deal to me, and I get to say YES to impacting women on a large scale!
I get to live my life in harmony with myself, taking care of myself (my time, my energy, my money, my dreams) and I will sure the heck teach other women how to do the same!


I believe in the freedom and the power of love we can propel in the world.
We are such amazing beings!


I can see the power of owning up to my shit, ALL OF IT, now!
When there is a greater cause at action, the universe moves mountains for you.
I know I will succeed.
Alone by writing this blog post and sharing my video on facebook, I am already miles ahead of the sayers who don’t slay.


We can take the leap.
We can decide!

I am nobody to decide.
But YOU are!


When I saw other sisters around me succeed.
Make money.
Make tons of it!
And do it by propelling and supporting other women who in their turn were doing the same for EVERY person they touch!
I KNEW that I was onto something.


I just COULDN’T go back to my mediocre life anymore!
Spirit lifted me off the grounds of the “moist selfish needs” to never return back there.
I vowed I would never return there and I would help everyone who wants to reach for the heights of colours.


And so the Soul-Drone took me on a butterfly flight:
where flowers blossom at their own pace, in divine time, beneath the sunny warm skies.
A full field of spring flowers, colourful, radiant, dancing in the wind.
Luscious abundance I could barely see from below now made complete sense.


This is what we came her for.
All the birds are whispering.
The web of information is buzzing.
All the bees are humming.


It’s time to shed the fears.
It’s time to claim our fierce nature within.
It’s time.
It’s just time.


I am nobody to decide.
But you ARE!
And when you do, come say hi!


Lisy Panther