why dreams coming true matter (Cinderella Syndrome)

For thousands of years, as women, we’ve never accessed success in the way we access it now.Our nervous system has often not calibrated to this. THIS level ofsuccess & freedomfreedom over our speechour expression and artour decisionsour financesour relationship statusour sexual preferencesour desire and attraction for the same or opposite sexour educationall the resources being […]

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What to do with strong emotions?

Hey love, My moon began yesterday. And I knew it was going to blast in with a very strong emotional  rollercoaster.When you’re highly sensitive, seeing what is happening with the world can add to natural triggers even more right now. So what do I do when the tide gets rough? I feel quite strange talking […]

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Part 2 abundance-tricks…

I’m back Goddess, and so excited for Part 2!(if you missed P1, you can find it here.) ….. sooooooo Fast forward 2019! I had made between 2-3k months for 6 months consecutively! Let me tell you straight up that this was a totally new experience for me – I sure had made 3k in a month before but […]

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So there’s an enormity about life that goes beyond anything we can grasp.It could just fly by on a random day and would go totally unnoticed!Just like that!Woosh, gone, nobody touched it, heard it, saw it. This actually happens all the time.Most of the time, truly. And then there’s moments when the tiniest shift ripples […]

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Part 1 abundance-tricks…

so I have to share this little story with you!It summarizes the most potent “thing” I do to magnetically attract things into my life, especially money… there’s a little photo to make you smile (when I know my dreams are underway)! Back-track to around March/April 2018 on my trip around the world. I was stranded in […]

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