TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE they said! 

(And what headache relief’s gotta do with this…)   It’s easy to drop the line. Feels so comforting to put it all on faith’s shoulder and say: Naww… soz! they’re just luckier, richer, prettier, smarter,….   For a second we SO wish that to be truth. The victim mind loooooves drama and the inner procrastination […]

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a woman’s secrets

Journal entry, 25th May 2018, Hoi An, Vietnam “I was contemplating people’s reactions to Death today with A. Life is such a gift. I’m sitting in a Cafe named Reaching Out. All about sustainability, help & service to others. It’s so tranquil here. I love the peace that emanates from the buildings & cosy streets […]

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Love – An inside job

(I wrote a scribble exactly two years ago that never saw the light. Brushing the dust off, completely raw & unedited, and here it is) It’s such a different game when everyone around you oozes conviction and strength into you, pours love and abundance over you…   yet when you realize your true power within, […]

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My Tears into the Void

Gosh, I’ve been crying in bursts the whole week. Rooting deeply into my feminine essence. Being reminded every day that she gets to dance wild and free, being reminded that it’s all a decision, a heart opening wider, holding space for the Goddess in every woman to rage and rise with wild abandon, that the […]

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Incantation For Your Inner Goddess

Incantation For Your Inner Goddess You’re an extension of the infinite.The Goddess. The Queen.She has no limitations. She simply is.The pleasure you get to feel is her gift to you.The more you surrender to the infinite well of pleasure in your being, the more you’ll understand the blueprint of this capacity to hold more of […]

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