Bold Heart Intensive

queen pentacles

A 2 hour BOLD HEART INTENSIVE to create the big pounce into your next life chapter
(bold, because it’s not for the faint hearted… yes!)

💪 A sacred space to face your darkest fears, unleash them and set yourself free FOR GOOD!
💪 yeah, it will get ugly…so what?
💪 the good part: you’re TRANSFORMED!
💪  once you’re through, that’s it! and you won’t be turning back – full stop.

Ever been driving a crappy car for 10 years?
you’ll cope, you’ll be ok, you’ll adapt, even if it keeps breaking down on you, even if it eats up all your money in repairs, you love it and you keep tending to its moans and grins.
It works, right?…hmmmm
Well,… THEN comes the day you get to try driving the newest BMW, awesome seats and gorgeous smooth glide. You don’t even notice the bumps on the road and you get to enjoy the AC and listen to your favourite tracks (which you can actually hear, as no more window air background noise).
It’s a whole MFin outer worldly experience, with ALL your senses.
Of course, going back to your old car won’t feel good! And so, even if you want to keep trying, you’ll end up investing into the new baby (after having splashed all that cash before…).
You’ll make it happen!
You’ll understand that you deserve the BEST!
Well, that’s the result of a BOLD HEART INTENSIVE with me

Well, that’s the result of a BOLD HEART INTENSIVE with me.

You’ll be cruisin’ through life like a brand new shiny soul car!
You’ll get back into the flow that was always meant for you.
No turning back.
It will feel EASY!

The true boldness of your soul is only waiting for you to drop the excess weight:
❌ condescending thoughts (why me, I’m so rubbish…)
❌ false beliefs (you have to work hard to earn money…)
❌ old stories (I never win, only others do…)
❌ lingering shadows (the yucky feeling in your throat, you know the constricting one…)
❌ victim mindset (I’m not able, I can’t, I don’t know…)
❌ poor me attitude (I never get lucky, please just tell me I’m gonna be ok…)
❌ pleasing others more than you (yes, you actually don’t feel like going to your friend’s bday party)
❌ living your life by plan rather than by heart
❌ toxic relationships (ugh… too heavy)
❌ people crossing your boundaries over and over (fuck off bitches!)
❌ cash running out (when’s pay day again…?)
❌ doing stuff because you have to rather than want to (why do I have to be acting? I’m a dancer goddamn…)

Just won’t happen – any – longer!
Once your soul kicks in, you ALIGN and your LIFE TURNS ON.

Here’s some things you can expect:

💪 My genius intuition directing the game
(yes it will call you out on your BS, because there is no f&$£ing about when it comes to getting you back ON-TRACK!) – pure soul fuelled good-stuff!
I won’t bite, though… (unless you ask me to haha)

💪 A deep-dive conversation with clear intentions and transformational questions
(we’ll agree what specifically you want to work on and what dream you want to fuel- helps to monitor your tangible results; I will pick your brain like a hungry hen and spit out all the gems you need)

💪 We’ll establish where your vibration blocks are and clear them out
I use powerful emotional healing to bring your flow into optimum frequency
(yes you may cry or yell or whatever comes up- drop that weight, baby!)

💪 We’re going ALL IN! And yes, we’ll use your body to move the energy (woo woo mediation is nice, but the body’s wisdom is just the best, so we’ll use that!
fierce dancer trust me – look [works for non-dancers alike] 👁️)

💪 Clear outline & instructions for the days and weeks to come,
executable action plan, how to hold yourself accountable when obstacles arise.
You’ll be hissing like the panther & keeping the success territory intact, kkshhhhhhh!

💪 A recording of the session (always handy to listen back in, in case you missed something)

Optional tools, if my intuition guides it:
personalised guided meditation or visualisation,
Tarot or Oracle cards,
Energy Healing,
Past life regression,
Get up and dance,

Be challenged!
Get empowered to the bones and execute your bountiful fire gifts!
Celebrate yourself and your new life like a big MOFO!

Ya, ’cause YOU DESERVE IT, bitch!
boom bang boom! ✌️

Yes I want the MF challenge right NOW

Hell yes, you do!

You see, true spirituality is BOTH dark and light.
The more comfortable you get navigating through your shadows the more joy and pleasure will flow.
That’s just the truth ✌️

I’m not selling you pretty faces and big results, because you just won’t get them that way!
We’ll grow you real power-ovaries (or balls), that can weather the winds of storm as well as the sunrise! ✌️
The true empowered Feminine can take her space when her queendom is clear of the stuff she never wanted, that take her energy and suck life out of it all.
When the bold warrior and king Divine Masculine comes to slay it out, she returns to her peaceful throne.

If you are true to yourself, you know that there are things you hate about yourself, about your life, about people surrounding you…
and you also know they are messing your energy up – big time!
(ask your higher self ✌️)

So stop running. Stop playing it small.
Just feel into the discomfort and clear it once and for all.
Let the true EMPOWERMENT rise from within, from that place that is sooooo comfortable with all of your aspects

✅ get your dream job now (yes you can have 3 careers merging into your path and it’s not crazy!)
✅ liberate your sexy like nobody’s business (skyrocket your attraction magic)
✅ hold powerful spaces for both yourself AND your clients to succeed (true confidence sickers through it all, it’s just unbeatable)
✅ spark with confidence and get Kings and Money to bow down at your feet
✅ create a REAL change in the world by standing in your truth (create blasting projects that change your whole industry, your soul plays much bigger, always!)
✅ activate your divine guidance and never ask for a psychic’s advice again (you know that you know, once you know!)
✅ feel the luxury and fun that running your own brand can be (bye bye 24/7 work burn-outs, bye restless nights, make work work for you instead)
✅ get the cash rolling in through your door (blazing contracts paying high-end because you ARE high-end, no less!)
✅ create waterfalls of art & projects that move your audience to the core (innovator alarm!)
✅ walk the path of high class inspirers and visionaries (you’re here to rule and connect the higher purpose in EVERYthing you do)
✅ turn your maybes into FULL BODY YESes or FUCK NOs (boundaries in check gives more time for what really matters)
✅ your body is your temple and it oozes with radiance and glow (all the cheques are signed in advance for your beauty to be out there in magazines already)

Here are some tangible outlines that previous clients experienced post-investment:

🌸 contract with a dream choreographer
🌸 clarity on the new career with divine inspiration calls to action (finding a soulmate mentor, making cash like a piece of cake from the get go)
🌸 boldness and confidence in public speaking (fb live diva, baby! preach your truth!)
🌸 unexpected income (gifts, free trips, straight cash)
🌸 doubled-pay job
🌸 creative flow like a bottomless tap

🌸 soulmate relationship popped up, hello baby!
🌸 sexy drive is back on, juiciest lovemaking ever
🌸 dream date: got treated like a queen and had full body orgasms (even before sex!)(wowza…. this one blew my mind, too!)
🌸 the passion flame in the relationship turned back on
🌸 released the toxic ex and is now in a balanced relationship with self

🌸 treating herself like a queen and knowing with every cell she deserves it!
F&%$ YEAH GIRL! (big cheer for this one!)
🌸 liberation from body shame which led into a high class paid nude photography session
🌸 quit alcohol addiction for good, after having tried several modalities with no results
🌸 lost 10kg with strictly no pushing and trying, just following the body’s wisdom
🌸 best sleep ever after 2 years of chronic insomnia

🌸 anxiety dissipated,
🌸 strong and bold stance when setting boundaries and saying NO
🌸 6th sense psychic gifts fully activated (soul vibin’)
🌸 empathetic nature turns into a gift rather than a curse, no more energy-vampires
🌸 feel like a woman/goddess and fully in touch with the earthly pulsations
🌸 inner knowing is guiding her all the way (clear yes or no for business, clients, lifestyle decisions, etc)

We’re done being a cutie kitty! 🐾
Come prepared to pounce, gnarl and scratch like a BIG CAT! 😈🐯😈
Get in here, now!