Client Love

OMG, it’s really hard to recall who I was before working with Lisy.

My life was a reflection of my doubts and worries, and there was this constant feeling of something being missing, something feeling off and stuck. I felt like running against a wall, trying lots of things but nothing seemed to work. So my life felt boring, more like a chore and repeating itself than fun and exciting. I saw myself as a failure, like not even being able to really trust myself, losing self integrity because I would make great plans on what I would do and then wouldn’t even start. I also saw myself as lost and alone, no one really getting what I was struggling with, like playing a masquerade, while being stressed out and dependent below the surface.

I was missing so so much, so I was not really aware, especially when it comes to the wounded energetics. I had been working with the inner child a little bit already, but that was only a tiny part compared to the depth and detail of the work with Lisy’s tools.

The decision take part in this program really opened up so many possibilities and I don’t even know where to begin thinking about all I have learned (and am still integrating). I feel like it really had a profound impact not only on my business but my whole life in general. So it was definitely one of the best decisions and one of the best investments I have made so far!

My tangible results:

– I feel much more secure and bold, unstoppable. I walk this world with so much more confidence and trust, being more aware of the things going on, of how they play out and being able to heal them step by step.

– I’m able to go deeper, this means having more time to really do the things my soul craves instead of wasting so much time and energy thinking about others peoples opinions, being drained by their demands

– trusting my intuition, feeling more connected to the universe than ever before

I am finally excited again, and can not wait to wake up, to do the things that are important to me

– My souls masterpiece feels like it is really manifesting and taking form, it doesn’t longer feel like it is an unachievable, crazy big dream, but it feels like it is already happening, it is already coming

– The impact on my finances is huge, as I am able to invest this money and call in even more. I’m saving at least 77k thanks to my break-throughs – it’s like a yearly income.

I really feel that Lisy brings this ease and flow, this gentleness and grace to the table. Her energy feels so pure and calming to me but at the same time it feels like she is able to ignite that fire in you. I feel totally supported and understood, as well as accepted and really feel like there is no judgement.

I love the way she explains the concepts she is teaching, making them approachable and fun, she ties me to the screen and makes time fly by. I feel the programs are really created with so much love and passion. They are designed to really serve and initiate change. The channeled meditations for example are really resonating, unlike any others I listened to before.

Lisy stands out to me in so many ways, I feel she has this huge open heart, emitting so much kindness and such a beautiful vibe. There is no forcing, no judging, no stress but so much acceptance, ease and enthusiasm. Her presence really feels like rays of warm sunlight brightening your day, no matter how that day was beforehand you will feel so much better after being in her energy. And she has this unique way of supporting you in working through painful stuff with so much tenderness. She is pure magic to me so connected and grounded.

If you’re feeling drawn to connect with Lisy’s work, I really encourage you to trust your feelings and bodily sensations. It was no coincidence that I felt drawn to Lisy’s energy. My experience on working with Lisy, saved me so much worry, self doubt, self sabotage and I know you’ll receive so many valuable tools and insights. Also, being in Lisy’s energy alone already lifts you up and ignites a spark, helping you in finding your path and creating alignment with ease and flow.

Anyma, 2020

Before taking this program, 2 months ago I lived my life believing I needed to take more action and do more.

Power sprinting my way through, operating more. I wasn’t aware of the different mechanisms active within me and what that meant. I was also frustrated by feelings of jealousy and self sabotage maneuvers. A lack of awareness about what was happening within my mind and body, old patterns were keeping me stuck. I really wanted to break them but didn’t know how to do this effectively. My ability to dream big was affected with feelings of sadness. Some of my old habits were causing me to miss out on opportunities by fleeing when I was close to a break through or when things started getting “too good”.

My tangible results:

– When I said yes to joining the mastermind I got a wonderful sign of alignment via a 2K cheque in the mail to help support my education!

– I love the awareness I have now and the ability to recognize what is active in my life.

– my ability to manifest.

– It’s given me a total edge with my clients and the ability to lead them by example.

– I feel really good about my money making abilities for the future.

– a sense of trust and the universe having my back and providing what I need and desire.

Lisy brings a very raw, honest, and open energy. Her intuition, sensing, and channeling is incredible and I’m always learning something new from her. I can tell that she is always growing herself and learning more.

I like the way she explains things and talks about the cosmos. I like the links back to scientific research, laws of physics and nature. She has many resources and great recommendations. Her material that she teaches is a lot to understand but she presents it in a way that is not overwhelming.

I find the tools that she has and the style of her course make her unique and special.

Lisy! Thanks for sharing the knowledge and practices that you’ve accumulated and thanks for being so open, understanding and awesome.

I know it can feel uncomfortable and scary to take the leap and make an investment. When it’s an investment in yourself, you can trust the money will come back to you and probably a lot more than the original amount you invested. That’s how investments work! You must be patient and complete the work necessary, but I also think the work is really fun. Lisy helped me with the patience part! This knowledge is vital and will be applicable for the rest of my life. The value is certainly there! It will make a big difference in your life. Lisy is very helpful, open and also very understanding, in a way that empowers you.

Kristin, 2020

I used to spend lots of time in self-loathing, not seeing my progress, get frustrated with myself that I’m not further along than I am.

I would make it harder for myself to enjoy the current moment or keep myself from getting close to others because I couldn’t see myself as worth spending time with.

This program allowed me to peak through the veil and realize that I was ignoring my inner feminine… I thought I was taking care of her but it turns out that I wasn’t. It hurt to see that, but things are getting better now that I’m more aware.

My tangible results:

-I have gained a lot of awareness. Not all of it has sunken in fully in the form of manifestations! I believe that I will be seeing more effects as I go.

– I feel very empowered that I can always take better care of myself.

– A family member will get upset and start attacking me with words, and usually I get drawn into it. I stopped responding and just let it be for days. Then, he APOLOGIZED. What a dream!

– continuing my work on making true connections with others

I love working with Lisy! Her magical ways of imagery creation! I have never met any other healers who can get me to imagine things so clearly and that I can remember so vividly later. That’s the power of this work! Lisy is able to provide such a strong healing space for the women she works with. I also love that she has such a personal touch, is so energetic and lively, and lets herself flow! It’s great to have her example.

I am looking forward to following future progress of her works. Also, I am looking forward to my continued progress with this knowledge and how it will continue to shape my life and work. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Dont hold yourself back from your desires and the healing that you deserve. You’re worth it! You’re deeply desiring to have Lisy by your side, let yourself do it!

Kayla, 2020

I really resonate with Lisy’s style of teaching!

So before I started watching you, I was following some other coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs on facebook. My experience with them has not remained positive and I don’t believe it’s because there was something wrong.
What changed for me after I started watching you is the relief that came over me, being able to see there ARE people out there who can be lovingly supportive and not judgmental. Someone who can teach without making you feel like you have done something wrong.

When I first found you and watched the first video on your page, it brought me to tears. It was exactly what I needed to hear and gave me the love, support, and encouragement that I really needed. Your energy is so pure and full of love, it feels so synergistic with my energy. Thank you!

If you want someone who is going to show you the love you can have for yourself, and the respect and wisdom for your body, she is for you. Lisy will open doors that weren’t opened before and will offer new ways to see what has always been there.. our infinite power to create!

Allena, 2019

I’ve loved Lisy forever it seems!

I have grown in so many ways with Lisy, from our friendship, into a reading session to her group, then other courses & challenges. It’s always a joy to work with Lisy!

She’s given me clarity, helped me go deeper within myself to heal & expand. She always holds the mirror I need at the exact time I need it in my life! ❤️🙏

She is real, raw & amazing, you will be changed in many ways!

Rita, 2019

Dear Lisy,

I clearly remember the moment my path crossed yours. It was through your fb video on pregnancy, abortion and spirit baby contact that I decided to write you a message. This quickly lead to a heart-opening conversation. I was reminded of the importance of having the opportunity and freedom to share on topics such as these. And to be proud (spirit) mamas, no matter what.

On my journey, I’ve taken deep dives into the beliefs that kept me small. I find no difficulty in making big, life changing decisions. So to me, the challenge is in what I do with the space I continuously create for myself. I can sometimes touch moments of ecstasy, but I would love to anchor this more.
How do I fully embody this?
How do I channel the fire inside me?
Will no one get hurt if I fully express myself?

That’s where you come in. To me, you mirror a passionate speaking waterfall. A free dancer. An ongoing joyous creator. A sacred Goddess. A channeller of inner fire and wisdom. I would love to ignite these parts into my system on even deeper levels, with you on my side.

The Wild Womb Course is a rich blueprint. It includes some essential key points onto sacred feminine embodiment.

Warning: if you fully allow yourself to dive into the materials, you might ignite your powerful and sexy life stream and start creating magic beyond imagination! 😉

Dear Lisy, thank you for being your raw and gorgeous self.
I so look forward to continue this journey together.

Fee, 2018

Finding Lisy helped me so much…

I am becoming more of myself, discovering and cleansing, digging deeper and finding my truth more and more.

Since I am part of her amazing sisterhood, I’m feeling so much more aligned and centered, learning so much about my chakras, about my womb space, about my feelings, going so much deeper and peeling off so many layers of old stuff.

Lisy holding space for me and being part of this magnificent sisterhood is just something I am beyond grateful for.

I recommend Lisy, because she is authentic, her energy is so amazing, just do it and thank me later 😉

Ina, 2018

The ability to take the first step changed my life.

I was a lost soul trying to figure out how to step into my power. Lisy helped me to put myself out there. Every step I’ve taken since I’ve spoken to her, has lined me up with growth and leveling up. I’m finally stepping into my power! Thank you.

Lisy’s energy is fierce! She’s so intuitive and incredibly connected. When she speaks her strength and support just radiates.

Jennifer, 2019


I had a vision of what I wanted to create but was struggling to piece all the elements together. Lisy enabled me to work through the process of unraveling the details and reconnecting them in a simple impactful way in one single session.

Lisy is an inspiring, powerful Goddess clarity and I now have insight on the core essence of my offering.

You should work with Lisy because she’ll hold a sacred space for you to create magick and miracles together.

Fiona, 2019

A deep purpose, love & admiration of myself for simply BEING a woman.

I know Lisy personally from when I was a teenager and have had outstanding 1:1 meditations with her which have blown my mind & allowed me to process challenging life experiences in the best way possible.

I didn’t come into the meditation with any expectations, however by the end was in awe of how much it shifted recent self esteem issues & made me feel in love with my soul, body & feminine vibration… things we often take for granted (or even moan about!). All the things that are a part of being a woman suddenly felt beautiful and purposeful to blend into my journey, right now, in this world, as a woman.

During this meditation, I didn’t expect that I would feel a deep purpose on this earth just by simply BEING a woman. No extras, no need to admire myself for my skills, or beauty, or intelligence… How amazing is that! I also experienced rhythm with the earth gently moving through me, as well as feminine grounded sensuality and a sense of euphoria for being alive. Thank you Lisy!

Celebrating the intrinsic nature of the feminine! Realizing how powerful my womb is in itself… the thing I have been taught to dislike and moan about. I am the giver of life, I am Mama Earth, I am Pachamama!

I back Lisy’s work for every woman who wants to feel powerful, happy and comfortable in her body as a woman… even if you think you already do… try it, I dare you. This will take you to a whole new level.

Elena, 2019

I was in a state of denial that I could experience happiness with a partner.

Romance felt like more like a heavy duty rather than fun. I was rejecting the essence of romantic love. I had literally talked myself so much out of it that the slightest desire of meeting someone had totally disappeared. Yet, deep down, there was a little light that was hoping to create that extraordinary relationship.

After working with Lisy, I was able to re-connect with my feminine energy again. My inner masculine and feminine energies were so out of balance. Lisy helped me to re-ignite both sides.

The visualizations and physical exercises gave me immediate tools to stand in my power and my sexiness when meeting my current crush. The practices Lizy gives are not only to be kept in between four walls at home, they are also exercises you can totally engage in with every day life.

I feel anticipation to “get myself out there” to begin to date and grow again. I am able to look at men with new eyes: see their vulnerabilities and embrace their vulnerabilities as much as my own. Our sessions re-invigorated me not only with positivity, but true excitement for romance.

Work with Lisy and you’ll soon know how to walk with your high-heels & red lipstick energy, even when you’re actually wearing flip flops. Every woman deserves to create authentic connections from her powerful heart.
Lily, 2019

Lisy, your work is profound!

I’ve known you for a while, worked with you before and I love your message and your amazing energy, honesty and vulnerability.

Joining the wild womb program has helped me to open up to new possibilities, to connect with my body on a deeper, sacred and intimate level. It has started a healing process of getting to know all and every single part of myself and to fully honor my body, mind and soul.

I feel more in tune with my body, more aligned, the meditations were super powerful.
I felt my energy change.

Lisy truly shifts your energy, helps you connect with yourself on all levels (body, mind and soul) and ignites a powerful healing process. She is so passionate about what she does and truly cares about her goddesses. You’re in good hands!

Jasmin, 2019

“Seat-belt on, the ride is about to be exhilarating. Feel free to scream, laugh and giggle, ’cause the landscape I just saw is only the 1st breathtaking one of an exciting new journey.”

IMG_9497 - Cindy Claes

I loved Lisy’s authenticity, confidence, honesty and heart energy. I was attracted to how she was able to put into words what her calling and true purpose is, what moves her on a day to day basis and how she is able to articulate thoughts around healing and purpose.

Working with Lisy has given me a deep sense of clarity. I am clear about which old skin has to fall off, right here – right now. It has given me clarity about who I am becoming and how I can embrace my purpose fully. It has given me clarity about my audience, my business, as well as my Self.
Lisy’s coaching has helped me to articulate my pains in a non painful, but rather powerful, way. I feel boosted, full of energy, ready to take action, full of fire in my belly. I feel unstoppable.
I felt stuck on basic 1-0-1 business advice – which I was unable to apply: share a pain and a transformation as a result out that. Sounds pretty easy but the layers of vulnerability were too challenging to be shared with the wider world.
Now I am able to see myself, my business, the world, my audience, my talent and my ideas with a new lens. The sessions gave me a new perspective. I feel ready to go, run, race, swim and fly with my Higher Self. I feel deeply connected within as well as with the wider world.

Need help with putting words on what you know is calling you?
(Whether this be purpose, healing or a life changing question)
– call Lisy my dear, and jump!

Cindy, 2018

“Peace-of-Mind, Laughter and Joy”

IMG_0095 - Shabnah Ratnarajah

Intuition led me to Lisy. There was something about her raw openess in her videos. I knew that nothing, no matter how crazy it might seem to some, would to too ‘out there’ for her, so I was safe to explore anything and everything.

Every session’s been mind-blowing. We’ve gone to places I wasn’t expecting, bringing so much clarity to things I’ve struggled with. I was brave before; I feel braver than ever now. Being Lisy’s client helped me get even more familiar with my body. Be okay with things I’d been carrying for far too long that I couldn’t fully talk about with others, even other coaches. I now feel even stronger and comfortable in my skin.

She’s the real deal. I trust her completely. She is truly supportive in actions as well as words. There is nothing she is afraid of dealing with, and she does it with compassion, wisdom and insight. She is quite frankly the dog’s bollocks; or as she likes to say, ovaries.

Hannah, 2018


11811300_10205881923102081_8806835401323292794_n - Jasmin Laguerre

I met Lisy in person and I was intrigued about her ability to connect with your higher Self and to assist others in healing.

I only had one session but I could feel changes happening around me instantly. It has helped to see things from a different perspective, I learned to honor and love myself. I learned to focus on the positive and to bring the energy and vibration of how I want my life to be in the future into the present moment. We also did some inner child healing which has helped in moving forward and letting go of the past.

Lisy is deeply connected to her higher Self and therefore has great abilities to help others heal. She is a very sweet, loving and caring person who is trustworthy to share your deepest fears and emotions with. Her energy is uplifting, motivating and she holds a loving space for everyone she works with. She is authentic and raw in her videos which I appreciate very much.

Jasmine, 2017


Update Kayla - Kayla Fuller

I knew that Lisy has such a warm and inviting energy! I first saw her posts through social media, and I was immediately drawn to her authenticity.

I have increased my confidence and knowledge of energetic principles since working with her. I have also met so many other spiritual women in the process!

I realised that I am an awesome spiritual leader; I just need to bring it out more!
Lisy has inspired me to not give up on my dream of owning my own business.

I was and still am Kayla, but before I worked with her 1on1, I had more negative beliefs about money and my childhood. Now, I have cleared out some old energy to make way for the new. I loved being able to connect with my childhood self. Now I will always be with her!

Working with Lisy? Do it! You have nothing to lose! She will tell you the truth but in a loving and gentle way. Her energy is certain to lift your spirits!

Kayla Marie, 2018

“Power, Love, Goddess, Connection”

FB_IMG_1522537842328 - Sandra Barroso Montero

I trust Lisy. She transmits power and love

Working with her has helped me first of all working on my discipline and following it. Second, showing me what I’m capable to create and being aware of the goddess inside of me. Now, not only do I know that my power exists, but I can feel it.

Lisy feels you and tells you exactly what you need with love, all the while being realistic! She understands your situation, we all are humans with schedules and emotions, and she works with your true yourself.

Sandra, 2017


DC68ED46-E204-405D-8CBF-CC903BAEEF22 - Lena Siemiesz

Lisy’s message of female empowerment resonated with me
Working with her helped me recognize how I can both inhibit and enable my potential.

One on one time with Lisy made me feel more alive and inspired about my life. Her enthusiasm is truly contagious. She practices what she preaches which allows me to believe in the power of energy and perspective in shaping reality.

Lisy truly cares about Who You Are and artfully coaxes that person into expression. In my sessions with Lisy, I find myself falling in love with myself when I didn’t think it was possible to love myself so much. She is a fabulous mirror for seeing what is truly there to see externally and internally.

Lena. 2017


facebook_1525456792746 - Nadja Piette

I was going through real tough time and I really felt seen.
I got confirmation I don’t need to take all that sh*t from others anymore 🙂

One on one time with Lisy helped me to feel more empowered again and how to stand in my power. I feel so much stronger now.

Lisy you picks you up exactly where you are right now in your Life, in a very kind, compassionate, safe and empowering way❤ She intuitively feels what needs to be said and done to help you in your healing process.

Nadja, 2018

“I can now share my gifts with others BIG TIME”

IMG_4305 - HolisticMedicineMan

I felt that Lisy is someone who could definitely help me with the issues I was having and I felt guided towards her.

Journeying with Lisy has helped me become more confident within myself as I used to be afraid of sharing my gifts with the world.

During one on one time with her I experienced many things. I’ve definitely changed from being afraid to share my gifts to actually starting to share them and put myself out there slowly but surely. I went on to create my own business and share my gifts with others .

It’s a big opportunity to work with Lisy. She’s a kind ,loving person and also she’s always on point with everything. My experience was very helpful, I’m so grateful.

Ibrahim, 2018


20171014_184937 - Isabelle Mondy

Lisy’s energy drew me in. Connecting with her as a client enhanced my own alignment. The whole experience was intense. I released some anger from the past and I am more and more myself now.

Lisy is a ray of light and she is very in tune. She creates a safe space for you. The advice and information she delivers makes her stand out.

Isabelle, 2017


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