Coaching Packages

Every journey is unique. Every new level requires a specific set of tools. Create a masterpiece, no matter where you are now or who you are desiring to be!

The Cocoon

Circumstances don’t define the power of your becoming. Life currently invites you to take a pause, heal and release what is no longer serving your growth. This package is designed to restore peace & relief in your heart no matter how stuck you feel.

The Vision

A new vision is calling. Your next level is imminent. This package infuses you with the courage and trust to initiate this new chapter. We’ll explore beyond your comfort zone and create a stable lane of determination, poise and stamina to go after your dream and land in the field of success with confidence and zeal.

The Masterpiece

You’ve created multiple transformations in many fields and you’re an advanced student of life. This package is designed to accompany you into exponential excellence and energetic mastery of wealth, love, expression and creation.

Lisy’s programs changed my life.  It was my first deep dive into feminine magnetism and it was so powerful. Lisy did a great job explaining all the concepts, which helps me with her further courses. I find that when I start a course, I just feel SO magnetized to the work and I feel it unfold 10x in my life.

— Lindsay Nova, Aerial Yoga Teacher

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— Jane Doe