Pleasure Goddess – Day 1


Welcome my love,

before you start there’s 1 THING I need you to know:

Strictly NO OVERWHELM allowed!

This week’s about getting you in tune with your body, your senses and joy!
If at any point you feel like: “woah I’m behind” or “I have other things to do” please know that these are sabotage chatter particles and will dissolve when you take action.
Just breathe and say out loud:


Take your FREEDOM Goddess!
First and foremost, do what FEELS good!
The rest will fall into place, I promise!

Alright, on we go 😉

Follow this link for Day 1 Digital Journal (5-10 mins)

Day 1

Set intentions and gear your mind body and soul towards PLEASURE.

Prioritize! Don’t let this be another course left unfinished in the dusty mailbox corners!
There’s so much JOY that comes from committing to a goal and finalizing it!

Get organised. Schedule it. Sticky-note it. Set an alarm.
Do everything in your MIGHT to bring these 7 days into full fruition.
This can totally be your new way of living!
Decide it now!

Day 1 Meditation

Below a medi to get you tuned in with your purpose (25 mins)
You can do it before or after the Pleasure Ritual or simply do it when it feels best.
Realizing and achieving goals by Rasa Lukosiute

Dress up a cozy temple-space in your home, where you can ground.
Think crystal grids, altar, feathers, pillows, flowers…
Make it as simple or as exquisite as your inner Goddess would love it.

Day 1 Pleasure Ritual

Yes! Have some sensual time with YOU!
Knowing your body and what gives you pleasure is the most empowering thing to own as a woman! And your lover will SO love it, too! *winkwink*

Set a timer for 10mins & explore your whole body including your yoni!
Make it as natural as possible.
You don’t need to peak (in fact you shouldn’t peak at all today!)

Journal: what thoughts came up for you? how did you feel?

Uncomfortable? It’s ok, just breathe through it!
You can’t really get this wrong because it’s more about noticing more than making it “perfect”.
Share your experience with me @

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“That’s huge Lisy, thank you so much!! I’ve not realized until now that orgasm is such a magnifier!” – Sandra

“I really enjoyed the call last night and I am looking forward to everything that has come with it. I am super excited about it all!” – Halle 

“I took notes and I’m actually going to try to have orgasms every day and work with them. As well, I started practicing orgasmic meditation. Most of all to actually realize how powerful we are!” – Elena 

“I have been practicing a little and oh my goodness is that an amazingly juicy experience!!” – Emily 


Fill in all the digital journals or hit reply with notes and screenshots of your work & you’ll enter a prize draw at the end of this week to win a free mini coaching journey with me every month!