Day 1 – 7 Days of Pleasure – Intention

Day 1 7 days of pleasure





Set your intentions for the week.

  • How do you want to feel at the end of the week?
    What changes do you want to propel in yourself, in your life, in your intimacy?


  • Journal about pleasure. What does it mean to you?
    How much space do you usually make for it?
    When do you feel it?
    What bodily sensations come with it?


  • Get organised. Schedule it. Sticky-note it. Set an alarm. Prioritise it.
    Do everything in your might to succeed these 7 days ahead of you.
    Could this be your new way of living? Decide it now.


  • Create a crystal grid or altar.
    Dress up a cosy temple-place in your home, where you can ground.
    Make it as simple or as exquisite as your inner Goddess would love it.



  • After the meditation, proceed to your self-pleasure ritual.
    Have it be as natural as possible. You don’t need to peak.
    If you feel uncomfortable, just set a timer for 10mins, so you know there is an ending.


  • Journal: what came up for you? how did you feel? any concerns?


Remember to share your experiences for a surprise at the end of the week!
Send your findings to

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