Day 3 – 7 Days of Pleasure – Release

3 7 days of pleasure




  • Look around in your home and choose 3 items that you can let got of (books, clothes, objects, little things that just take up space, anything that feels “out-dated” for the new life-style that you’re creating). Give them away!


  • Forgive someone. Write them a note or message. You can also write up a letter that you’ll never send, but simply throw away or burn. This one is very powerful to clear your mind and energy field.
    Why not make it sweet and simple, yet effective?


  • Do a short 10-15min meditation to this music to release any anger or pain from your womb space.
    Allow yourself to rage, scream, moan, release, cry, breathe!
    Be as as real as possible.
    Music by Byron Metcalf
    Then, take a shower or bath and imagine the gunk in your body to be washed away into the core of Mama Nature.


  • Self-pleasure fully connected to yourself. Visualise yourself as a Divine Erotic Goddess: allowing the universe to reconnect you to you, to your body, to your purpose, your dreams, your power.


  • Journal it!
    Since you’ve done quite a bit of writing already today, you can just take a few short notes 😉


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