Day 4 – 7 Days of Pleasure – Hell NO

4 7 days of pleasure


Hell NO

  • Reflect on things, behaviours, situations or people that make you feel small, unheard, frightened.
    You know, the ones that constrict your throat, or turn your tummy upside down, or just feel gooey-gunky.
    Write a list! They will be called out today!


  • Stand in front of a mirror and call the Spirit of Kali in (she is the Goddess of Chaos and Destruction, but also the Birther and Creatress of Love and New Life).
    Say out loud:“Divine Mother Kali, I ask you to hold space for me. Assist me with expelling these things from my life with love, commitment, dedication and fierceness. May it be for the highest good of all involved:I am done with….
    I no longer want…
    I shoo away…
    I say Hell NO to…  (say all the things that you wrote up in your list)

    Thank you Divine Mother Kali for your support and ferocious presence as I embody my full power all the way. So be it.”


  • You can throw the list away, burn it or create any other ritual that feels good.


  • Self-pleasure with the intention to create a safe space around you, a ring of fire that burns away all energies that are not aligned with your highest purpose right now.


  • Take some time to journal about your rituals today


  • Listen to this DNA repair music during your sleep.
    Set the volume as low as possible for optimum balance.


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