Pleasure Goddess – Day 5

Heaven YESS

You’re about to call your dream life into manifestation! Excited?


Ok let’s call those BIG dreams in!

Day 5

Today you want to get into the Journal work first.

Before you click on, be warned! Take max 1min to reflect and write down your answers to each question! (Stick to the timer! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!) If you can do this in 30 seconds EVEN BETTER!)

The ego loves to hijack our mind… we elegantly bypass this mischief by thinking and acting FAST – in this case the action is writing….

Ready? Set? Go!

Day 5 Claim your YES

Watch this positive powerboxing video I did back in 2017 on my world trip stop over in Kauai, Hawaii for inspiration.

I still chuckle when I see the power and the ferociousness I can vibrate in, yay!
Do your own!
Stand in front of the mirror and tell the universe what you want:


CAUTION: your rambling ego will probably attempt to hi-jack the process! You’ll feel silly, you’ll think WTF Lisy, you may even feel totally ridiculous, it’s ok! Be smarter and DO IT ANYWAY!

This exercise is a major game-changer to set your energy free and make room for manifestation!
If you honor it, it’ll honor YOU!

Day 5 Pleasure Ritual

Self-pleasure with the intention of orgasmic manifestation.
I talk about this up and down in my Sex Magic Masterclass.

A short summary for you:
the orgasm is your cosmic portal to manifestation because you combine sound, movement, energy and feeling OH-mazing in one!
It’s the perfect set-up to the LOA (law of attraction).

The trick is that just before and during the peak of orgasm you hold the vision of your desired dream and send your energy towards the fact that it is already yours! Then you surrender it into the cosmos with joy and delight (because you know it already belongs to you).

Remember to have fun with this process. It is helpful to also combine it with the edging practice you learnt in Day 3.

Add any important notes into your (digital) journal!
Keeping record tracks your real success and allows you to measure what best works for you in hindsight! (Your future self will thank you for this, because you’re laying the foundation to amplify your erotic intelligence, magnetism and manifestation mapping points).

This is a life long study and will bring you so much confidence as you keep progressing in your embodiment evolution.

Day 5 Sleep Meditation

Listen to this BLISS sleep music tonight.
It’s synced for 8 hours of sleep to help you feel refreshed and full of energy on waking up.

Feel uneasy about anything, or have questions? Or would you like to share an AHA-moment?
I’m literally right here with you!

Share away! Nothing’s ever too cray-cray with Lisys 😉 @

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“That’s huge Lisy, thank you so much!! I’ve not realized until now that orgasm is such a magnifier!” – Sandra

“I really enjoyed the call last night and I am looking forward to everything that has come with it. I am super excited about it all!” – Halle 

“I took notes and I’m actually going to try to have orgasms every day and work with them. As well, I started practicing orgasmic meditation. Most of all to actually realize how powerful we are!” – Elena 

“I have been practicing a little and oh my goodness is that an amazingly juicy experience!!” – Emily