Day 7 – 7 Days of Pleasure – Love & Date You

7 7 days of pleasure





  • Alright gorgeous, today you get to take yourself out on a date!
    Yes, a solo date!
    Make yourself feel so celebrated, so nourished, so seen and so spoilt.

    Get a massage, spend the day in nature, go to a museum, go watch a movie, stay indoors and get all cosy. Whatever crosses your mind:
    I know there’s that little thing you’ve been secretly desiring to experience, but haven’t allowed yourself to do it yet.

    TODAY is the day: Date YOU!
    Make it SPECIAL!


  • Self-pleasure: You’ve now explored this a few times and today we take a level up:  practise how to feel juicy and sexy “without” the physical touch.
    Recall the sensations of pleasure your body can have!
    Then cultivate the sexual energy and allow it to rise by command.
    Every woman has her own way to do it, what’s yours?
    Activate it every time you’re about to do something important or scary or just for the sheer pleasure of it.
    You can turn on the energy, you can dial it up or down, you can let it move into various parts of your body, you can even have it bring things to you.
    Play, be wild, be free!



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