Pleasure Goddess – Day 2


Today’s all about filling YOUR cup!

As women we’re natural caregivers and healers for others, which is a gift!
However we can also fall prey to taking better care of everyone around us yet leaving ourselves on the waiting line! No longer!
Can you become your own bestie from now on?

Follow this link for Day 2 Digital Journal (5-10 mins)

Take action
Do you need to relax, sleep, or take it easy?
Do you need a nice healthy meal? More water?
Give yourself EXACTLY that!

Day 2 Meditation

I love this meditation by Marianne Williamson, it’s so soothing and revitalising!
So much amazingness in only 10 mins

Day 2 Pleasure Ritual

Activate the energy of taking REALLY good care of yourself during your self-pleasure ritual. How can you be the most outstanding listener for your body?

Grab your journal and write a couple of notes on your experiences!

I love to hear about the fun you get up to!
Send your findings to

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“That’s huge Lisy, thank you so much!! I’ve not realized until now that orgasm is such a magnifier!” – Sandra

“I really enjoyed the call last night and I am looking forward to everything that has come with it. I am super excited about it all!” – Halle 

“I took notes and I’m actually going to try to have orgasms every day and work with them. As well, I started practicing orgasmic meditation. Most of all to actually realize how powerful we are!” – Elena 

“I have been practicing a little and oh my goodness is that an amazingly juicy experience!!” – Emily 


Fill in all the digital journals or hit reply with notes and screenshots of your work & you’ll enter a prize draw at the end of this week to win a free mini coaching journey with me every month!