Day 6 – 7 Days of Pleasure – Dare

6 7 days of pleasure



  • Play this little abundance game:
    What is an outrageous amount of money or love or pleasure to you, if it was given to you every month? (find a way to quantify it) (ex $20K, meeting 5 amazing soulmates, having 12 mind-blowing orgasms).
    Now, imagine this amount was given to you every single day!
    Not only would you be receiving it every single day, you would also have to fully spend the amount given before the day ends (ex, spend those $20K by then end of each day).


  • Journal on these:
    How would you spend this love, money, pleasure? Day 1, day 2, day 3…. day 7
    If this was available to you every single day, what new beliefs would you have, things would you do, person would you be by the end of the week?
    What new possibilities would you believe in?
  • If you have time, double the amount and repeat this exercise.
    Watch out for the limiting beliefs, numbness, fears, emotions, stories that show up when you dare big and bold.


  • “Let’s meditate!” I love Amanda Frances for her powerful meditations on money and abundance.  Follow this link to the  Wealthy Woman Meditation


  • Self pleasure and hold your visions of your daring findings above.
    Be fully relaxed and take the time you need to truly tune into your body.
    Be fully present.  Here’s some serotonin triggering music to accompany you.
    Why not dare a new way to self pleasure?
    Get in the bathtub or shower, or somewhere different!
    Or take your yoni egg, some silky fabrics, wear something super sexy to elevate your senses. Really feel into your daringness and have fun!


Remember to share your experiences for a surprise at the end of the week!
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