Pleasure Goddess – Day 6


Before we go anywhere, I just need to say: You’re FLIPPIN’ AMAZinGGG!
Look at you rocking this course like a Diva!

Confirmed: you made it to this page!
Meaning: you’re onto Big Things!
Effect: this rippling transformation is moving from you into your life, everyone surrounding you, and the world at large!


Let’s take more space in the outrageous magic that you are!

Day 6

Daring bigger usually means we’re breaking a pattern, we’re doing things differently, we’re claiming a new way and we walk the talk. So today I dare you to step into your wildly liberated expression.

Get a little louder.
Dress up extra well.
Speak your truth.
Feel the fullness of the blessing of life.
Tell someone you love them in the most exquisite way.
Receive a compliment without dismissing it, downgrading it or catapulting it right back.

Create something different and let it birthed into the world.

Let yourself be seen, heard, witnessed, acknowledged, loved and adored by the world in the full glory and radiance of you!

Day 6 Meditation

“Let’s meditate!” I love Amanda Frances for her powerful meditations on money and abundance – the thing I love the most about her though, is the way she shows up in the world like a true celebrity and she doesn’t ever collapse her power.  Here’s one of my favs, her  Wealthy Woman Meditation.

Enjoy darling!

Day 6 Pleasure Ritual

Dare a new way to self pleasure!
Get in the bathtub or shower, or somewhere different!
Or take your yoni egg, some silky fabrics, wear something super sexy.
Elevate your erotic senses and have outrageous fun!

As you pleasure yourself hold the visions of your wildly glorious woman in her full expression.
Relax! Take ALL the time you need to truly tune into your body and build your sexual energy. Be truly present!

Here’s some serotonin triggering music to accompany you:

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“That’s huge Lisy, thank you so much!! I’ve not realized until now that orgasm is such a magnifier!” – Sandra

“I really enjoyed the call last night and I am looking forward to everything that has come with it. I am super excited about it all!” – Halle 

“I took notes and I’m actually going to try to have orgasms every day and work with them. As well, I started practicing orgasmic meditation. Most of all to actually realize how powerful we are!” – Elena 

“I have been practicing a little and oh my goodness is that an amazingly juicy experience!!” – Emily