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Bust through any life circumstance with ease with this powerful process.

I use this often and my clients also have witnessed some amazing and immediate break-throughs so I hope you’ll find the exact same benefits!

As always with my content, there’s a basis which you can play and tweak as you please.
Some ideas on how at the end… alright!

Let’s begin:

You need 3 pages, a pen & around 15-20mins.

If you’re able to play YouTube at the same time you can listen to this song, which has been scientifically voted the most balancing song in the world.
It’s pretty dope!

VERY IMPORTANT: don’t skip ahead!
Follow the process as it comes step by step.
I know, I know… just play the game and don’t peak…

Don’t have any paper by hand? 


Page 1 – Gunk goes OUT

List all the things that are not working, not satisfying you, frustrating you, all the negatives that are nagging on you.

Thoughts, feelings, people, situations, events, or anything lacking right now.

Notice your feelings and bodily sensations. You may feel more activated and upset.
It’s ok. Just let it be and breathe through this part.
You might also feel relief, just keep going till the end!



Page 2 – Divine Balance


Now, list all the things that are working, on track, tangibly progressing, making you feel free, good, uplifted, ALL the things that are or have happened that you feel grateful for or excited about.

Basically all the positives
Wait!!!! There’s a rule:

this list has to be exactly the same length or contain as many points as the previous page.

Again, notice what’s going on in the body.

Also, you may feel a slight pull in your brain, this is the mind shifting perspectives and releasing a different set of hormones.

Keep going, you’re doing awesome!

yin yang cats


Page 3 – What now?


Say out loud or think clearly in your mind.

Now that I see that everything is always in divinely orchestrated balance,
what do I choose now, what do I create now, what do I take action on now?
What can I say, do, feel, think now that I know, what I know?
Where do I want to go with this knowing?

You can close your eyes, place a hand on your heart (and/or belly) and allow all the impressions to come in.

Good, then write up an action plan: new thoughts, new emotions, stories, beliefs that you get to choose now.

This part should come EFFORTLESSLY! Don’t look back on your pages, trust that what needs to come, WILL!

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Last Part – Warrior Mode ON

Great, now look over the last list and highlight the bullet-points that are both important AND urgent!

These are high priority and should be done within the next 24hrs, so set your timer and take big bold action.

The path that brought you here won’t be the same as the one taking you out!
This part is IMPERATIVE for transformation!
You are worthy of your soul’s calling, my love!
Do it now, yes… now!

ninja unicorn - Copy

For the creative brains…

Draw yourself in the different circumstances.
Take 2 mins max for each sheet.
Be super tuned into your intuition.
Follow the flow.
P1 – Gunk Out of YOU
P2 – The positives in your life
P3- What now?

After journaling each part do these breaths
P1 – Stick you tongue out and breathe out all the air 3 times to clear your system
P2 – Breathe in equal seconds in and out (3-3 or 6-6 or 8-8)
Visualize the energies balancing in all of your chakras.
You can breathe into each of them 1 by 1:  Root (Red) – Sacral (Orange) – Solar Plexus (Yellow) – Heart (Green) – Throat (Blue) – Third Eye (Indigo) – Crown (White or Pink)
P3 – Breath of Fire / Ego Eradicator (here’s a video if you’ve never done this)

After you’ve done all the writing dance each state out for 1 minute each.
Interprete, shake, copy yourself, pretend, feel, trust the body… she will move you in all the right ways!
If you need some music I personally love this one here

Have fun! 😉
Lisy xo


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