DCQ – Week 2 – (Re)Affirm your Miracles

Week 2 – (Re)Affirm your Miracles

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Journalling prompts:

1 – Imagine making 5K everyday!
What are your fears? Pain points? Concerns? Other feelings?

2 – How did your social environment deal with money? Especially your primary figures. How did your mother deal with money? How did your father deal with money? Programming – please your parents, partner, not outshine them… lose love… Default vs NEW BELIEFS!

3 – What would your loved ones say if you had 5K in your account everyday? (imagine how your mother/father/primary figures would go about making $5K every day) How will they feel? (TRIGGERS)

4- How will YOU feel about their feelings? What will your reaction be? (YOUR REACTION to her/his reaction)

5 – What will you lose if you make stacks of cash? (dreams, feelings, things, situations, connections, identity) Who’s approval or love? (family, partner, friends, siblings, work collegues)

6 – Alarm: what beliefs come up that relate to this: MOTHER vs SELF TALK FATHER vs BUSINESS MINDSET (3 bullet points each)

7 – Reaction – shift the pain. Write all your limitation stories out on paper. Forgive yourself for believing these stories. Cross the story out. Turn around your limiting beliefs & write your new claimed reality full of miracles.

8 – Write a love letter to Auntie Abbie (Abundance) or Auntie Maggie (Money)! Tell her about all your excitement for when she will come to visit you, about all the things she will teach you, all the amazingness you are going to co-create together!


Self pleasure focused on releasing the heaviness, releasing the excess, seeing yourself as a healthy whole woman, light and elevated.

Seeing yourself being washed clean and free by golden and silver light.

Holding space in stillness and silence for 3mins after the orgasm.



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