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Invitation for 1:1 Goddess Mastery

I have an incredible offer for courageous, creative entrepreneurial women who have begun their journey of turning their most passionate gifts into a sustainable business and they’re clear about enjoyment and ease being a priority on their path as much as the success they achieve so they can fully expand all their life areas in coherent alignment with who they are becoming as a whole, without dipping down into sabotage, stifling their creative flow or selling their soul to time or energy draining demons.

If you’ve literally spent years’ worth of your precious time in course after course, invested thousands of dollars into programs and coaches who always left you either short-circuiting your pleasure with technical overload or stuck with procrastination, turmoil or dreadful doubt of your gifts, there’s a reason.

If you’re tediously trying everything to get yourself back up and function forcefully and you’re to the verge of desperation, exhaustion or restless obsession over whether you did things right or wrong in the past, there’s a reason.

If you feel like you’re somehow missing the needle in the hay after having gone through so much spiritual healing, there’s a reason.

You don’t need another technical funnel, or more “radical tools” to clear your blocks… you need an embodiment recalibration (with a few awareness pivots to turn up the volume of the intuitive radars you already have in place).

Most women don’t understand how their 5 body blueprints (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cosmic) naturally dance through a feminine and masculine interplay in the universe with every manifestation AND their ability to not only receive but hold money, love, clients and deep satisfaction in a long-lasting way on every step of their journey.

Their subtle inner alignment needs to go first before any action can come from authentic effortless inspiration and trigger consistent creative flow. Most women try to figure out a plan first and stress-fully execute it without bringing all the other bodies into coherence and this is why they’re not finding the liberation they’re truly longing for. This mental energetic lock pushes everything away that they’re desperately wanting to bring into their experience.

We work together for 6 months on the following things:

# 1

Understanding the cosmic laws of divine feminine and masculine polarity as it plays out in your inner world so that your body continuously calibrates to better emotional intelligence that will support sustainable states of being, so that your calm nervous system is a pure magnet for your goals and not the other way around.
If your actions are not calibrated to your birthright for bliss and joy, then you’ll always feel compelled to stray from your soul purpose, collapse your most potent energetic structure and get locked up in mental overload.

An example of this is- women will often give up on their own priorities of emotional well-being by numbing their pain body to “get the work done” thinking it will get them to the result faster. This dissociation actually distracts their intuitive compass which ends up slowing down their highest path. (This is not about closing the next sale and overbook their calendar with work. It’s about being completely in tune with their soul so they can feel into whether they even desire to work with clients in this particular way)

Or they think that they’ll feel better once they hit their income goal only to find themselves in a survival loop of stress which continues to delay the inner healing that is wanting to come through. If this integration would take place first, it would lead them to effortlessly tap into the state of being that will magnetically draw in this same result feeling free, wholesome and deeply satisfied.

# 2

You’ll learn how to bring the 5 bodies into coherent homeostasis with one another by applying the principles of feminine energy for your specific dream life model (new tiers of standards, boundaries and availability, a calm nervous system, creative overflow, anti-trigger maps, precise strategies to shorten the time in the dysfunctional attraction state, emotional intelligence mastery and soul purpose road mapping)

We’ll make sure your body becomes your best friend on the journey so that you can FEEL deep peace and safety with the life of your dreams now rather than being teased by a carrot in front of an exhausted donkey.

Your feminine energy (your natural creative power source, which I’ll help you turn on and gush forth abundantly) plus your masculine energy (your robust embodied resilience even through to most surprising limiting ceilings – note: they’ll always show up in various forms, they’re completely harmless if recognized in time) will begin to polarize with the universe that almost guarantees amazing outcomes and a beautifully flowing passion that becomes not only profitable, and also sustainable long-term.

# 3

Then, we’ll clear your soul path (the things that distract your natural intuitive centers and your life’s mission) and strengthen your soul family and spirit guide connections so that you can stop the short-sighted survival loop and focus on the 3 very simple things that move the needle the most.

These 3 things allow you to create a business and a life that is deeply fulfilling and secures clients continuously finding you and asking for more, in the ways that you’ve always sensed were possible but no one could show you how to get there.

In a short amount of time you’ll begin feeling the pleasure, security and freedom in your life that will abundantly overflow into everything that you create.

You’ll most likely begin feeling relieved and inspired to create your life’s masterpiece with confidence and joy while we’re working together, and then you’ll be able to continuously master the states of being that attract opportunities, clients, money and fulfillment in the easiest way possible throughout the rest of the year.

This program is 6 months, and we’ll work together 1:1 on zoom on a bi-weekly basis with email support. (This is NOT a group program)

You’ll receive access to my program “Elevated Goddess” and digital journals for added support.


The women who will receive the best results from this 6-Month Mentoring already have a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction principles, and have a few years of experience with creative spiritual practices and embodiment awareness, they have worked with clients or students before and typically have had some revenue of living off a creative art-form or passion. (You don’t need to check all of these boxes but at least have an intermediate awareness of the physical / emotional / mental connection).

The investment in this program is a decent amount, but small compared to the ease, fulfillment and freedom that you really can create living out your life’s masterpiece without burning the candle on both ends, and beginning to attract your first sustainable and deeply nourishing income from your passion.

Apply below if you’re interested in learning more about my 6-month Goddess Mastery Mentoring.

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