Even the most skilled surgeon in the world would never dare to operate on himself!
Private support has changed my client’s lives for the better! They understand it was never about being capable of doing it alone – having a coach who understands their deepest desires and fears by their side meant they could allow the process to become easier, faster, more fulfilling and effortless!

You were born for this, you’re destined for greatness!
Your dreams are meant to be lived!


Invitation for Private Mentoring
Goddess Mastery 1:1

Let’s be honest here:

You already know what you want, how much you want, how you want to feel and who you want it with! You’ve got what it takes to create your life’s Masterpiece.

You’ve also done the work necessary to clear your blocks and limiting beliefs.
You’ve hired the coaches, bought the programs, made a few attempts at launching your success-rockets, some even landed higher than you expected.

You’ve taken the courageous steps, hopped over the fence a million times, put yourself out there and even dared to do the un-thinkable (yes some have hissed an eyebrow or two over your past decisions) and you figured out you didn’t die, things actually got quite good and most feel inspired by you – on the outside you are pretty successful, confident and powerful.

What confuses you is this looping pattern that every time things go well or you get wildly close to your dreams, the world seems to come crashing down the next day!

You wonder why you mysteriously drown into depression and lack of energy when you’re in the midst of a launch. Why, when things have finally gotten smooth again with love, you begin to feel like escaping the relationship (maybe you’ve even felt weirdly excited by receiving texts from your ex, even though you’re in a “happy relationship”). Another one are these strange sensations of dying when you wake up in the morning or fearing death for no apparent reason; it’s inexplicable.

You can’t figure out how it’s possible to align so much synchronicity, manifestation, magic, adventure and transformation in your life, and to still feel a sense of loss, an empty hole in your heart, frustration, desperation, strange superficiality, bewildered longing for something…. but what?

You’ve created a life for yourself that would have made your younger self cry of relief, but now you got here this dream feels “off” and outdated. You’ve traded the hardship and trauma for more money, more creativity, more love, more healthy habits, deeper wisdom – but you still FEEL unsatisfied, numb, going through the motions. why? where did your zest for life go?

How could your life shape into pure perfection from the outside yet feel like an underworld movie on the inside, disconnected, dark, confusing!

I understand this so well.

Hey, I’m Lisy! If you haven’t met me yet, let me tell you a little story…

Only a few years ago I realized that, the months I made my biggest revenue through my businesses and amazing opportunities started to rain in from all directions, I would wake up drenched in guilt and unease. I felt like I was going to die. I had never heard of this before – most coaches wire their clients for success, and we assume that “getting there” will fulfill us, right?! I didn’t expect it would feel like “this”… for no “obvious” reason! Beneath this success, I had continued to carry my wounds of unworthiness, of longing for safety and acceptance. This complex web caused me so much turmoil… the anxiety, restlessness and panic attacks felt strangely similar to that time I was caught in a toxic relationship… except this time, there was no “culprit” around… on the contrary, I had recently started dating this amazing guy, my clients were signing my most expensive packages to date, I was travelling again and this was all I had ever wanted… I should be happy and satisfied!

When most women “finally get to the place” of manifesting the first level of their dreams (especially if it was a hard, rocky road) their energy field will bring things to a standstill. This is very natural and doesn’t mean that it’s over, or that there’s something wrong with you or your dreams! This is an organic maneuver for your system to make “sense” of the survival times. It doesn’t feel good, but everything is attempting to prepare you for your next level (where you get to have it all without the overwhelm, the stress and the vicious cycles).

The counter-intuitive piece to this is that “doing more” to “get further along” will only make you drown deeper into the swamp.

If that was the solution, you would have done it by now and it would have worked.

The common missing link I see with most women who come to me, is not that they don’t have enough tools yet or that their structures aren’t clever enough. It’s also got little to do with their capability, skill or resourcefulness. I can assure you – they are amazing artists, creators and highly intuitive. They have the starlight-factor, talent, ideas and the personality traits that make them stand out from the crowd. Their little voice within knows that they were made for so much more (they cannot settle for less – and this has been a crucial mile stone on their journey). It drives their spurns for adventure that most would never dare to take on. They have brilliant minds that equate the lucid alertness of a hunting leopard in the jungle.

It’s also not connected with “missing out” on opportunities, promotions or sweet deals – they know exactly when it’s crunch-time to roll their sleeves up and get ready to grind for their dreams. All the healing and integration they’ve done have turned them into incredible healers, facilitators, teachers and space-holders – they fully understand what it takes and how far they’ve come on their spiritual journey!
Even though it often looks like it was “all in vain” when they show up on the first call with me, this is actually the part that will serve their next level of achievement. They’re in the perfect place to go deeper now (which was often impossible previously, as they busy leaving a toxic relationship, an unfulfilling career or following through an action plan to set off for a life-changing adventure).

The one thing holding their dreams away now, actually lies inside the embodiment of the empowered vs forced blueprint between the feminine and masculine energy.
What I see happening often, is that women leave their feminine energy behind during the process of manifestation (this btw serves the initial jump-start of “beginning a new life”, but now that they’ve hit the first level of success, this forced way only continues to widen the gaping hole). Truthfully, it won’t matter how much love, money or abundance you attract – if you can’t “feel it fully / receive & keep it”, it will ultimately lead you to the same place you’re in now.

I help women to position their energy in a masterful way so that coherence begins to ripple from the inside out. The alchemical process in the 5 main bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cosmic) with the perspective of the divine union of their feminine and masculine energy is what determines how wholesome the experience of success truly is. This stirs the boat in the right direction. When a woman begins to understand her very own unique empowered embodiment mastery, her body ignites as the vortex that naturally and effortlessly draws all the magic to her.

This is when she can relax and surrender more to what is available for her and create more of this without “doing” more. Her path opens up to receive more of the goodness of who she is becoming in the process. This is what will stop you from dipping into sabotage, postponing pleasure, stifling your creative flow or feeling like you need to trade your joy for results in order to sustain the success you can have.

This bodily sensation of trust, peace and confidence will first only feel like relief. At a later stage you’ll understand what exact parts of these sensations make more money, love and success flow towards you. Once that aspect of mastery kicks in, is when you won’t remember who you were before. It’ll feel like you can finally breathe through the contractions, and regardless of what comes up, it either eases the grip or lifts you higher. The wholesome experience of your dreams will match the sensations of bliss, peace and serenity. Your soul actually already know this is supposed to be your “new normal”, and this elevated consciousness won’t let you settle for anything less, because it knows this is the way it’s meant to be. It doesn’t rely on any external validation that any money could bring you – it’s a deep sense of knowing.

We work together for 6 months on the following things:

# 1

Understanding the laws of divine feminine and masculine polarity as it pans out in your inner/outer world. This elevated emotional intelligence calibrates with sustainable states of being and calms your nervous system. This is what collapses time and space and allows you to clearly see how and why you manifest things, it will allow you to do it over and over.
If your actions don’t match the electric current of your soul purpose (which always ties in with ease, bliss, freedom) then you’ll always feel compelled to stray away from your highest potential and get locked up in mental overload or desperate doing-ness fuelled by an externalized sense of power.

Without this piece, women will often give up on their emotional well-being to “get the work done” thinking it will get them to the result faster. This ends up slowing down their highest path and holding a pressure cap on the deepest possible healing. If this integration would take place first, it would lead them to effortlessly tap into the state of being that will magnetically draw in this succeeded result all the while feeling free, whole and deeply satisfied, before, during AND after the manifestation occurs.

# 2

We will deepen and lock in the energetic shifts that match who you really are (internal compass of identity). We’ll integrate this on the levels of the 5 main bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cosmic), which creates a sense of organic alignment. This way your body becomes your best friend and ally. The sensation of redemption and power promotes deep peace and safety within your body, which both make it so much easier to draw the life of your dreams to you (instead of fighting and running after them).

We’ll also look into the various success sabotage, repulsion and delay mechanisms that usually show up when you’re close to success and how to weather through those tides. We’ll distinguish between the true intuitive nudges and the false “good feeling states” so that you’ll no longer fall into the trap of “leaving when it’s about to get better” or “mis-read” a sign from the universe that’s actually a red flag. Note: there’s typically 5 symptoms of PTSD >> post-traumatic-SUCCESS-disorder! These can show up in various forms but are completely harmless if recognized in time.
Once your feminine and masculine energies begin to polarize with the universe it almost guarantees amazing outcomes with a long-term vibe. This also becomes the initiation of allowing your dreams (= nothing else than your soul’s accomplished mission) to trigger the deeper healing of trauma to guide you back home to wholeness and authentic expression by working closely with your body’s intelligence.

Once this journey begins, it’s much easier to spot what else wants to be released without it needing to put your plans, relationships or financial goals on hold. (It naturally dissolves the dichotomy that you’re experience between “becoming successful” and “your inner world”, in fact your calm, harmonious inner world will be the compass that attracts even more success to you).

# 3

Then, we’ll strengthen your connection to your soul path, soul family and spirit guides so that you can leap over the short-sighted survival loop (all the things that distract your natural intuitive centers and your life’s mission) and concentrate on the 3 very simple action steps that activate your highest potential the most.

This will guide you into understanding how “to give things over” to the universal masculine energy and teach you what exact pieces in your own energy field activate the feminine magnetism (this can be different for each client – hence why private mentoring makes the most sense to excavate this). This by the way is already working for you, but the awareness on how to modulate the intensity is GOLD!

This inner re-calibration will begin to feed into your outer world with unexpected opportunities (job promotions, more time, more comfort) and alignment signs (client break-throughs, consistently finding yourself at the right time and the right place). It will also reveal the deeper layers of integration that were not attainable before (due to the pressure cooker effect – only when you remove the valve, can the system cool down and give you access to the parts that are capable of self-regulation and healing).

It happens often that a sense of relief and inspiration will come to replace your old ways, so much so it may be difficult to remember what it was like “before”. You’ll start to create your life’s masterpiece with confidence and joy while we’re working together, and then you’ll be able to continuously master the states of being that attract opportunities, money love and fulfillment in the easiest way possible throughout the rest of the year.

This program is 6 months, and we’ll work together 1:1 on zoom on a bi-weekly basis with email support. (This is NOT a group program)

You’ll get access to my program “Elevated Goddess” and digital journals for added support.


The women who will receive the best results from this 6-Month Mentoring already have a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction principles, and have a few years of experience with spiritual practices and embodiment awareness, they have worked with clients or students before and typically have had some revenue of living off a creative art-form or passion. (You don’t need to check all of these boxes but at least have an intermediate awareness of the physical / emotional / mental connection).

The investment in this program is a decent amount, but small compared to the ease, fulfillment and freedom that you can experience while creating your life’s masterpiece! You really can have it all and you don’t need to sacrifice your joy or put your dreams on hold.

Apply below if you’re interested in learning more about my 6-month Goddess Mastery Mentoring.

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